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Interactive Fiction by Dark Star

Into The Sun, by Dark Star (2022)
(13 ratings)
Sitting on the cold side of Mercury, you've waited two months for space debris to drift through the system, caught in the sun's gravity well. Satellites make for great salvage, and you've earned...

Entangled, by Dark Star (2020)
(12 ratings)
Caught up in a time-travel experiment gone wrong, the actions you perform in the past will ripple forward in time. Can you find your way back without unraveling the universe? A small town stirs in...

Across The Stars: The Ralckor Incident, by Dark Star and Peter Mattsson (2007)
(27 ratings)
In the year 5367 IR, humanity is well established throughout the galaxy. It has been over twenty-thousand years since the Zal'tacs passed through our solar system, trading their technology for our...

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