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Historical, Time Travel

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- getlostdont, February 5, 2019

- SchnickelFritz (TX), December 29, 2018

- Zach Shifflett (VA, United States), December 11, 2018

- Laney Berry, September 29, 2018

- Stas, April 23, 2018

- eme, March 16, 2018

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), November 17, 2017

- karlnp (Vancouver, BC), August 23, 2017

- Cory Roush (Ohio), June 20, 2017

- CMG (NYC), June 20, 2017

- Kyriakos Sgarbas (Hellas (Greece)), May 25, 2017

- hoopla, March 8, 2017

- Pegbiter (Malmö, Sweden), February 21, 2017

- Artran (Prague, Czech Republic), April 1, 2016

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only for men (straight men), March 6, 2016

the story is full of cheap gamer clichés, where the person who plays it is in charge of pretty willing women. it is not considered that a woman plays this game. and of course it is for sad poor gamer boys who need storys where pretty pretty women are yours.

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
An intricate and beautiful story with its hardest puzzle at the beginning, February 3, 2016

I've recently replayed many of Jon Ingold's games, and I am very impressed with his writing. This game is probably his best story. There are some puzzles, but you are generally held by the hand and walked through them (except at the beginning, but the game basically gives up and lets you through if you don't get it).

The real puzzle in this game is trying to figure out what is really going on. Ingold knows exactly how much to say to make something cool and how little to say to keep your imagination interested.

This is a fantasy (and possibly sci-fi) game following an assassin who is trying to escape his hanging. Not only do you the player not know what is going on at first, your character doesn't either! Your mutual journey of discovery makes the game exciting.

If you get stuck on the first puzzle, don't sweat it. This is a story, and the puzzles are just side thoughts. If you prefer puzzles but enjoy his writing, Jon Ingold's Muldoon Legacy is a huge puzzle fest, much bigger than Curses! or MIT Zork.

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- LynXsh, January 28, 2016

- Snave, January 25, 2016

- Aryore, December 13, 2015

- Ashen_, December 12, 2015

- Lanternpaw, May 16, 2015

- Adam Biltcliffe (Cambridge, UK), May 10, 2015

- Thrax, March 12, 2015

- Simon Deimel (Germany), February 2, 2015

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Did not like, January 30, 2015

In some games, a goal is to figure out what the goal is. This is one of those games (I think), but I found the play more frustrating than fun. There was no hint of explaining why you apparently have no recollection of what you are doing or why/how things happen. I was left with the impression that the gaps in the story were to cover over the lack of an explanation and not to enhance the feel of the story.

I also was not a fan of the forced action. There are a few puzzles in the game, but not enough to make for fun play to me. This game would clearly be better for people who prefer the "fiction" and not the "interactive" in "interactive fiction." I felt like I was just mashing "wait" over and over and being force fed exposition at times.

I'm giving it a low score because of my own preferences. The commands and play seem well-executed, but it's just not my cup of tea at all. I expect people who favor these sorts of stories will really like this one.

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