All Roads

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Historical, Time Travel

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only for men (straight men), March 6, 2016

the story is full of cheap gamer clichés, where the person who plays it is in charge of pretty willing women. it is not considered that a woman plays this game. and of course it is for sad poor gamer boys who need storys where pretty pretty women are yours.

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Rovarsson, December 17, 2019 - Reply
Either you have not played this game attentively, and have picked up on one detail that cemented your unfounded opinion of All Roads. In this case, maybe replay it and consider writing a new review.
Or you are a troll. In that case, enough fantasy bridges in text-adventures to crawl back under.
<blank>, March 7, 2016 (updated March 9, 2016) - Reply
I do not understand your points. I'm totally in the dark about those gamer clichès you're talking about and how they apply to All Roads. I'm also unclear on your take on women in this game, since the protagonist is always stumbling through the world, being helped and hindered by both genders alike. Of course, the reason I'm unclear on all of this is primarily that you failed to discuss it in your review. Please expand.

(I do wonder whether you played this game at all, of course, but that's another matter)
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