I'm Really Sorry About That Thing I Said When I Was Tired and/or Hungry

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- idlevera, May 5, 2018

- Wanderlust, August 2, 2017

- finnn62, December 19, 2016

- verityvirtue (London), September 8, 2016

- timsamoff (Southern California), April 23, 2015

- guinevak, April 23, 2015

- Doug Orleans (Somerville, MA, USA), April 1, 2015

- CMG (NYC), January 18, 2015

- E.K., September 6, 2014

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Funny and really well-written, September 5, 2014
by Daemon Pyrate ( Optional. For example, "San Diego, California," "Barcelona, Spain")

The subject matter was presented in a way that wasn't off-putting either. The author is very skilled and should write a book.

- DB (Columbus, OH), September 3, 2014

- Bagpiper, September 1, 2014

- Ismarus, August 13, 2014

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I was able to rate this by the 5th click, August 11, 2014
by streever (America)

I could tell it was fantastic, and it kept getting better.

This is essentially an autobiography, with a fun element of interactivity in that you can control some of the details; ages, names, and relationships of (relatively) minor details can be changed by the reader until you've progressed out of a scene, which fixes them for future copy.

Essentially, this is a story of a self-described gender-queer person growing up between different cultures and customs. It is well-written, engaging, and provides a fresh perspective to interact from. The interactivity largely influences the emotional aspect of a scene, in ways that may or may not be significant; I kept feeling like I was having a really solid personal conversation with a close friend, where everything I said was something they'd already thought of, and we were just clarifying our discussion and our deep friendship.

Kiai has a real talent as an autobiographer in making their story personal and relatable. Although it is vastly different from my own experiences, I found myself seeing comparisons to my own life, and feel grateful to have read this story.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the formatting, which was done quite well. I narrowed my browser window to make it a bit easier to read it in a flow, but the type-size, typeface selection, and color scheme all worked together well to make the experience flow nicely.

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Quality Time With Deirdra Kiai!, August 9, 2014
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)

This autobiography of Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai (tubaist, graphical adventure creator) is delightful and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I felt like Kiai's best friend having a conversation with someone I've known my whole life. There is generous interaction written with an open and honest modesty and assured voice that never made me feel uncomfortable like a poorly considered personal Twine can occasionally do. Kiai allows the reader to proceed without delving deeper into every twisty anecdote, so I look forward to a second read. Even if you don't hit every node, it's an enjoyable conversation.

This is a spectacular example of an experience not possible in non-interactive fiction. Extra difficulty points for an assured rare tick in the IF autobiography genre that doesn't see much action.

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