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Interactive Fiction by timsamoff

Three Dragons, by Tim Samoff (2015)
(5 ratings)
"Three Dragons," based on a European folktale about two brothers and an old man with a white beard, was a personal game design challenge by Tim Samoff (http://samoff.com). During April 2015, Tim...

The Night, by Tim Samoff (2013)
(1 rating)

Existential pondering meets postmodern poetry.

Tommy, by Tim Samoff & 7yo son (2013)
(3 ratings)

Tommy has quite a night… Or, does he?

Hacked Mechanics, by timsamoff (2017)
(1 rating)
Hacked Mechanics is a short-form hacking experience in which players must learn and use a small set of UNIX commands in order to bring down a corrupt government organization. This game was...

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Reviews by timsamoff

Glitch, by Chris Godber   January 28, 2016
"Glitch is a cyberpunk take that relies not only on player choices and gameplay, but external media cues as well. The game itself is..." - See the full review

The Spare Set, by Rob Sherman / Shelter UK   January 28, 2016
"I’d like to see this, but the link isn’t working at this time (28 January 2016)."

Arthur, by piratescarfy   May 31, 2015
"This is an enjoyable piece of short fantasy fiction that doesn’t offer a while lot in the way of player choice. In any regard, the story..." - See the full review

Harlowe vs Sharpe, by Sage Michael   May 18, 2015
"While I gave this game a 2/5 within the world of Interactive Fiction games, I would most surely give it a 5/5 based on the fact that it..." - See the full review

To Spring Open, by Peter Berman and Yoon Ha Lee (as Two-Bit Chip)   May 13, 2015
"I agree with much of @MathBrush’s statements. This is a wonderfully written piece that ends too quickly in a few cases. The descriptive..." - See the full review

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I'm Sorry, I Didn't Know, by Rebecca Zheng
The Travelers and the Sea, by Adrianna Ramirez
Great Mouse Escape, by Chiara Grimaldi
The Camelot Paradox, by Jordan Oey
Lucid Blue, by Dawson Mix

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