Harlowe vs Sharpe

by Sage Michael

Episode 1 of Harlowe vs
Detective, Noir

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An A+ for working within constraints…, May 18, 2015
by timsamoff (Southern California)

While I gave this game a 2/5 within the world of Interactive Fiction games, I would most surely give it a 5/5 based on the fact that it was written to satisfy a competition rule for writing an IF game in under 1,000 words (http://twinery.org/forum/discussion/2778/super-sudden-surprise-challenge-harlowe-1-000).

With this being said, the writing is solid and pays homage to the pulp fiction genre. The situation is fun and intriguing and presents the player with clear choices and subsequent endings. (Not to mention that I’m one of characters in the story.)

This is a very well-structured, but short experiment that is both enjoyable and humorous.