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To quote the Shaft Room in Solid Gold Zork I: "The xc ec knwall munz doesn't lead downward."

Huge LucasArts and Fallout fan.

Best game of all time: Infocom's The Witness, Followed by Deadline. I really liked Nord and Bert. Much funnier than Leather Goddesses (sorry to say).

I spend my time playing IF and watching paint dry in my office. Isn't that special?

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DOUCHEBAG -- An Existential Adventure, by Unattributed   January 19, 2015
"This game has scoring and the same sadistic humor I loved in the old games. This one, though, has heavy irony and (thank God!) the UNDO..." - See the full review

Disconnected, by Jesse Shaw   December 5, 2014
"Stories about college have been and always will be BORING! The writing is dreadful. The illustrations are atrocious. There is nothing..." - See the full review

Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative, by Mark Sutton-Smith, Alain Benzaken   November 28, 2014
"Awful, awful, awful game. I had the docs to this game hanging around for the C64 version, so I wanted to see why I had never finished it...." - See the full review

AlethiCorp, by Simon Christiansen   November 16, 2014
"The faux future website gimmick is cute and it works really well. Unfortunately, it has really really really terrible background..." - See the full review

Hill 160, by Mike Gerwat   November 16, 2014
"Unfortunatey, the author seemed to think that giving the player/reader a history lesson was more important than a story or a goal. I..." - See the full review

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Played Games

Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative, by Mark Sutton-Smith, Alain Benzaken
AlethiCorp, by Simon Christiansen
Hill 160, by Mike Gerwat
Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, by Herman Melville and Jesse McGrew
A Lady in Waiting, by Knight Errant

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Tower of Mystery, by Gary McGath
The Voyage of the Resplendent, by Philip Douglas
Weird City Interloper, by C.E.J. Pacian
The Disappearance of Karen Ward, by Cloud Buchholz
Delightful Wallpaper, by Andrew Plotkin ('Edgar O. Weyrd')

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Harold Night (2003), by Will Hines
The Terror Aboard the Speedwell, by Javy Gwaltney