Worlds Apart

by Suzanne Britton


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- elkomie, April 16, 2021

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My First Love., November 2, 2020
by Rovarsson (Belgium)
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Some fifteen years ago, I came across this strange gameplaying/storytelling -medium. They called it Interactive Fiction. I thought it sounded interesting, but it turned out to be confusing, frustrating. I did not feel welcome in this world.

Then I came across "Worlds Apart". Thank you, Lady Britton, for "Worlds Apart".

For days on end I lost myself in this game, this story. Outer and inner worlds entwine. Exploration demands diving into ocean and mind alike.

Since that experience, I've played a lot of good, even great IF, but...

"Worlds Apart" will always be my first love.

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A must play, October 26, 2020

This is my first review here. I've been playing IF for about 20 years, so I thought it's about time I wrote one, even though I'm not the best at writing these things. Anyway here goes nothing.
Worlds Apart is without doubt one of the best interactive fiction games I've played.
It's taken me several false starts over the years to get into it. I seemed to have been ready to discover more of it's secrets the more I learnt about myself, and last week I felt it's time to finish the whole game.
I'm so glad I did.
It's rare in iF I think to find a game like this with so much detail. Every location is vividly described to the point where I felt like I was there. There's so much to experience and explore. I feel like I've only scratched the surface even though I've completed it. To me,the only games like it are Blue lacuna and Hadean Lands.
The beautifully described environment would be nothing without a good story, and it is fantastic. You start off knowing nothing, and you piece it together as you progress through the game. Again I feel like I only know half of it. To say more would spoil it.
The puzzles are not hard. Saying that, I did have a few nudges from the hints as I sometimes felt like i was wandering around not sure what to do next. There's also a couple of guess the verb moments, as well as searching, looking inside and maybe even a 'reach'. But it came out in 1999 so I can forgive it for that.
Many people have written reviews already, about The Amazing NPCs that respond to pretty much everything in the game world, how all of your senses are implemented, etc, It truly is a work of art.
I feel like playing through it again, this time making notes so I can experience more
all that to say go and play it. You'll be glad you did.

- William Chet (Michigan), July 20, 2020

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A sci-fi novel in interactive form, July 19, 2020
by MathBrush
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This is by far the largest game I have ever played in terms of text. Unlike most interactive fiction games, the story of Worlds Apart was years in the making, and was the authors main outlet for sharing a world they had imagined their whole life.

This game is set on a completely alien world, with different plants, people, animals, and history. The amount of detail in the game is massive, with NPC's that respond to dozens of topics, every item in the game being implemented in six senses, and a dizzying amount of locations. The game even contains two mini-books, one of which would make a good-sized pamphlet in real life. Just reading the game would take several hours.

I loved this game. However, because of its size, when I got stumped on the puzzles, it ruined the atmosphere. I started looking at the hints once I had exhausted all of the obvious options, because I wanted to read more of the story. But I didn't rush, and I tried to experiment with everything that I could find.

I recommend this game to everyone.

- Zape, July 5, 2020

- kierlani, May 27, 2020

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