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Interactive Fiction is some fun stuff.
Some favorites:

Spider and Web
Worlds Apart
All Things Devours

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Some of my Favorites, by SirIgnotus - 5 items   June 23, 2023
An ever expanding list of very good games I've come across.

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Fivebyfivia Delenda Est, by Andrew Schultz   June 24, 2023
"It's an interesting mixture between chess puzzles and interactive fiction, mostly leaning towards the chess side. You essentially have to..." - See the full review

The Time Travelling Watch, by smolblooky   April 15, 2023
"It's very short, but it's a cool concept! It'd be cool to see it implemented into a larger story."

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Vespers, by Jason Devlin
Chicken and Egg, by Adam Thornton
The Orion Agenda, by Ryan Weisenberger
Foo Foo, by Buster Hudson
Save the World in 7 Moves, by chintokkong

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Wish List

Diamond Ryakudatsu Keikaku, by S.Mik.
Mai, the Psychic Girl, by Jose Luis Castano Gonzalez
Once and Future, by G. Kevin Wilson
Spacestation, by David Ledgard
The Poisoned Soup | 有毒之湯, by Junting Dong

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