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by Pete Austin

Part of Level 9

About the Story

Alan Chance was on an undercover mission, trying to infiltrate a drugs gang. All was going well, but then something or someone alerted the gangsters and they killed Alan and escaped, taking his colleague Sarah as a hostage. His fellow police falsely blame a mistake of Alan's for tipping off the criminals.

Alan has three nights as a ghost to disprove this false accusation, clear his name and gain revenge. Use his detective skills and growing spirit powers to delay the gangsters, track down their new hideout and bring them to justice.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Unknown
License: Commercial (Out of Print)
Development System: KAOS
Forgiveness Rating: Nasty
IFIDs:  LEVEL9-017
TUID: zfis82bb2nl9t4rp

Off-Site Reviews

Scapeghost was the last game Level 9 wrote before they withdrew from the adventure market, and evidence of their previous experience is obvious. The parser understands pretty much anything you type in; you can use the command "FIND" or "GO TO" to take you to any object in the game, and you can order around characters in the standard fashion (e.g. "JOE, RUN TO MY GRAVE, WAIT FOR ANDY, FIND THE WATCH, GET IT, FIND ME"), although whether they actually do it is another thing. [...] Scapeghost is a truly classic game let down by a poor first part and some very brief location descriptions.

-- J. J. Farmer
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The majority of problems require you to befriend another character and get them to help you in some way, which usually involves you all performing a specific action in the same turn. Players of Knight Orc, Gnome Rangers I and II and the awful Lancelot will know what I mean. It makes the game feel EXACTLY the same as their previous efforts and thus makes the game tedious and linear in its solving.

-- Roy Sims
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It's not easy being a ghost, betrayed to a criminal gang and falsely blamed for your own death and when they escape with an hostage. [...] This is perhaps the best from Level 9 Computing and has superb graphics, and is a three part adventure.

-- Kedenan
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