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The Axe of Kolt [8-bit versions]

by Larry Horsfield profile

Episode 1 of The Adventures of Alaric Blackmoon

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About the Story

You are Alaric Blackmoon, a penniless ex-mercenary soldier, reduced to wandering the land and doing odd-jobs in return for food and a place to sleep. You have just left the town of Greenwych and you have hitched a ride on a haywain. The driver tells you that you might have luck finding gainful employment in the village of Hengemire.

Little do you know that what you hear in this village will send you on a quest to find a lost magical weapon and change your life for ever....

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"The imagination and thought thatís gone into the puzzles makes the game enjoyably frustrating ó if you know what I mean. Youíll need lateral thinking by the bucketful. Even objects you may think have served their use may be needed for a completely different purpose later on. Axe of Kolt is a little gem ó the best adventure Iíve played this year."
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Your Sinclair

"From the start I made a couple of moves and with the experience of years of adventuring behind me immediately found myself outside the Dragonslayer's Arms. The bad news was that it was shut, so I wandered off again, found myself a clapper without a bell and returned to the pub just in time to give the landlord a helping hand. This earned me a bed for the night, a meal and all the ale I could sup. This is the life!"
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