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A Random List: 10 Low-rated Games

This is a randomly selected list of 1- and 2-star games, according to IFDB member ratings.

LAIR of the CyberCow, by Conrad Cook (as Harry Wilson) (2008)

Snake, by Anonymous (2008)

Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?, by Mitchell Taylor (1998)

A Dino's Night Out, by Aris Katsaris (2000)

Epyk, by Ivan Mattie (2009)

Burn the Koran and Die
by Poster

Count Dracula's Castle, by Robert Parker (1993)

The Last Survivor, by Gideonwilliams (2012)

Forward and Back, by MarcroSoft (2009)

Diamond In The Rough, by Richie Greene (2014)

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