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A Random List: 10 Low-rated Games

This is a randomly selected list of 1- and 2-star games, according to IFDB member ratings.

La cuarta especie, by Laura Baleztena (2016)

Curse of Manorland
by James King

House of the Damned, by Sam McCall (2000)

Famous Baby
by N.C. Kerklaan

The Last Laugh, by David Cornelson (2000)

The Unfortunate Training of Frank Lee, Monkey Butler to Be, by Josh Giesbrecht (2001)

Lonely Jamie, by J. Mellish (1991)

Dithyrambic Bastards
by Sam Kabo Ashwell

The Ugly Duckling
by Hans Christian Andersen and IF Classics

The Adventures of Koww the Magician, by Brian the Great (2000)

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