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A Random List: 10 Low-rated Games

This is a randomly selected list of 1- and 2-star games, according to IFDB member ratings.

Zauberschlo▀, by Dennis Merbach (1984)

The Twelve Days of Christmas
by Diane Rice

The Hallway Phantom, by Tyler Zahnke (2013)

BOFH, by Howard A. Sherman (2002)

Sex Vixens from Space, by Lance Strate (1988)

Revenge of the Killer Surf Nazi Robot Babes from Hell, by David Dyte (1998)

Cabulosa Mansion
by Ivonilson

Slacker X, by The Velvet Jester, Smoke Dog, and Wormy Jurmy (1997)

by Ima

Z-Chess, by Eric Schmidt (2002)

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