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A Random List: 10 Unrated Games

This is a randomly selected list of games that don't have any ratings by IFDB members yet.

I, by Christopher Cole (2003)

El Día Después
by José Vicente Ruiz

Everything Emanuelle, by Stewart J. McAbney (2003)

Wolfen: Die Bestie Ist Unter Uns, by Daniel Ganzer, Ali Ouahes (1992)

Schnorb, by Kai Roos (2002)

Murder Mystery Weekend, by Jonathan Scott and Stephen Boyd (1997)

Unterwelt, by Christoph Oleschinski (2004)

Lair of the Vampire, by David Whyld (2002)

Marshmallow Nights
by Gabriel Cornish

Avalon: The Legend Lives
by Yehuda Simmons

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