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A Random List: 10 Unrated Games

This is a randomly selected list of games that don't have any ratings by IFDB members yet.

The Jade Stone
by Linda Wright

Hexuma: Das Auge des Kal
by Harald Evers, Andreas Niedermeier, André Litschke, The Pixlers Studio

Existence, by Abbi Park (2009)

Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure, by David Whyld (2002)

Logan, by Sebastian Broghammer, Steve Kups (1990)

The Thirty-Nine Steps, by Jack Lockerby (1995)

Mansion Escape, by Sarah Potter (2015)

The X-Files: A New Beginning, by Superbone Ali (2001)

A Walk Through Forever, by Duncan Cross (2001)

House Of Horror, by Thomas Mulkerrins (2002)

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