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A Random List: 10 Games Without Cover Art

This is a randomly selected list of games that don't have any cover artwork in the database.

Blink, by Mattie Brice (2013)

Fergus Furgleton, by Unknown (1987)

Del Otro Lado, by Luis David Arranz Pérez (2000)

The Thirty-Nine Steps, by Jack Lockerby (1995)

Assault on the Mole Man, by John Nelson (1982)

All in a Day's Work, by Jonathan Scott and Stephen Boyd (1996)

Ogres, by Alan DeNiro (2003)

Omotesando Adventure, by Unknown (1982)

A Walk Through Forever, by Duncan Cross (2001)

Priests of Xim!, by Marty Bauman and Ed Bauman (1984)

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