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A Random List: 10 Games Without Cover Art

This is a randomly selected list of games that don't have any cover artwork in the database.

Lost!, by Nate Segerlind (1988)

Imaginaughts of Mochadia, by Mocha2007 (2012)

Los Misterios del Gusano, by Julio Pelaez (1993)

Djinn!, by Sean Cassidy (1998)

ASCII and the Argonauts: Astral Plane, by Anonymous (2003)

Borrowed Time, by Brian Fargo, Michael Cranford (1985)

The House, by Owen Parish (2003)

Avoir, by Nick Ballard (1985)

The Wizard of Oz, by Jack Lockerby (1995)

Dragon Quest, or A Twist in the Tail, by Ed Churnside (1983)

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