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Above and Beyond!, by Mike Sousa
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

Acheton, by Jon Thackray, David Seal, and Jonathan Partington
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

The Acorn Court, by Todd S. Murchison
Average member rating: (17 ratings)

A small, one-location game in which you must escape from a court. The game shows Inform's capability of handling multiple equal objects. [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

Adventure, by William Crowther and Donald Woods
Average member rating: (97 ratings)

Adventureland, by Scott Adams
Average member rating: (44 ratings)

Wander through an enchanted realm and try to uncover the 13 lost treasures. There are wild animals and magical beings to reckon with as well as many other perils and mysteries. WARNING! The Z-Code conversion...

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, by Scott Adams and Phillip Case
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

"Buckaroo Banzai, a neurosurgeon, rock star and more, must try to fix a jet car that can drive him into the 8th dimension. Converted from original code by Paul David Doherty." [--blurb from The Z-Files...

All Quiet on the Library Front, by Michael S. Phillips
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

As a student with an IF assignment looming, you need to get a biography out of the library - however, it is a very rare book, and surely you won't be allowed to take it with you... [--blurb from The Z-Files...

All Roads, by Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (155 ratings)

"Wave a circle round him thrice, And close your eyes with holy dread For he on honey-dew hath fed And drunk the milk of paradise." [--blurb from Competition Aught-One]

Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
Average member rating: (396 ratings)

You take a deep breath of salty air as the first raindrops begin to spatter the pavement, and the swollen, slate-colored clouds that blanket the sky mutter ominous portents amongst themselves over the little...

Arrow of Death Part 1, by Brian Howarth
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

"Although restored to its rightful place in the throne room over 5 years ago the Golden Baton which usually shines brighter than normal gold has suddenly become tarnished, at the same time gloom and despair...

Arthur, by Bob Bates
Average member rating: (29 ratings)

"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone, is rightwise king of England." In the days before Camelot, when magic and evil rule England, a sword sheathed in stone appears in a quiet churchyard. Engraved...

Avon, by Jon Thackray and Jonathan Partington
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

Babel, by Ian Finley
Average member rating: (156 ratings)

In this game, you play as an amnesiac inside Babel, an abandoned Arctic facility devoted to biological research. You soon discover that you have the unusual ability to witness scenes from the past by...

Balances, by Graham Nelson
Average member rating: (38 ratings)

"A homage to Infocom's Enchanter Trilogy, at the same time showing some of the things that Inform is capable of doing." [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

Ballyhoo, by Jeff O'Neill
Average member rating: (44 ratings)

Spangleland! Sawdust and glitter, buffoons and cotton candy! It's a place where your wildest dreams come true! At least, that's what you think... until you get behind the scenes at the big top. Then you...

Beyond Zork, by Brian Moriarty
Average member rating: (51 ratings)

Dread times have befallen the Kingdom of Quendor. The wizards have mysteriously disappeared. The Enchanter's Guild Hall lies in ruins. Villages are abandoned, drunken men mutter strange tales, and vicious...

Border Zone, by Marc Blank
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

Where the Iron Curtain divides East and West, the frontier is a no man's land between freedom and captivity, a place where moments lost or precautions not taken exact a toll in men's lives. In Border Zone,...

Bureaucracy, by Douglas Adams, The Staff of Infocom
Average member rating: (48 ratings)

IMPORTANT! Our records show that you do not have a license to operate this software. Normally, you would be required to complete a License Application Form and mail it (with proof of purchase) to our...

A Change in the Weather, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (70 ratings)

"Walking away from a picnic, you are suddenly caught in a country storm. You must protect a bridge from being destroyed. An ultra-linear game." [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]
Chicken and Egg, by Adam Thornton
Average member rating: (16 ratings)
"A pastiche of "Spider and Web", which see." [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]
The Chicken Under the Window, by Lucian P. Smith
Average member rating: (10 ratings)
"A pastiche of sorts of The Space Under the Window. Get the chicken across the road." [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

City of Secrets, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (105 ratings)

Corruption, by Rob Steggles, Hugh Steers
Average member rating: (21 ratings)

In the real world the good guys rarely win. CAN YOU COPE WITH CORRUPTION? The City of London. Deals and chicanery, Porsches and profit, wild animals in handmade suits. And you. Outwardly, you're on the fast...

CosmoServe: an Adventure Game for the BBS-Enslaved, by Judith Pintar
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

The Count, by Scott Adams
Average member rating: (22 ratings)

"It begins when you awake in a large brass bed in a castle somewhere in Transylvania. Who are you, what are you doing here and WHY did the postman deliver a bottle of blood? Converted from original code by...

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