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I have played text adventures, or interactive fiction since the early '80's. My first experience was with the mainframe Zork. My Dad brought home a dummy terminal with an acoustic coupler modem and instead of a monitor, it printed straight to thermal paper. After telnetting into the server and entering Zork, I had a true scrollable transcript of every interaction. Knowing nothing about anything I fell to the damnable grue many times.

For a few decades I lost touch with IF, but have lately become captivated again by the prose and the imagination behind interactive storytelling.

Currently I am interested in authoring my own IF works. To learn more about my experience with this, please visit: http://writerbob.wordpress.com/

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Zork, by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling   September 5, 2013
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baby tree, by Lester Galin   September 2, 2013
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Antifascista, by Greg Farough   November 27, 2012
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The liberation, by Stephane F.
Donkey Kong, by Andrew Plotkin
Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire, by Emery Joyce
baby tree, by Lester Galin
Antifascista, by Greg Farough

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The Acorn Court, by Todd S. Murchison
Above and Beyond!, by Mike Sousa
Infidel, by Michael Berlyn
For a Change, by Dan Schmidt
Muse: An Autumn Romance, by Christopher Huang

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baby tree, by Lester Galin