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Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets, by Bitter Karella
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets is a humorously grotesque (or grotesquely humorous) game about a circa 1929 street urchin and her pet sewer rat trying to survive a trip through a dark carnival full of sin,...

Hadean Lands, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (49 ratings)

Marooned in an alien, airless wasteland -- your starship fractured -- your crewmates missing. Can an apprentice alchemist learn how to survive?

Halothane, by Ravi Rajkumar
Average member rating: (10 ratings)

"You're having a hard enough time getting your second novel to work; how could it ever be possible that you, Harold Banks - world's most unsuccessful published author - could actually be sent on a quest to -...

Hamlet -- The Text Adventure, by Robin Johnson
Average member rating: (14 ratings)

Who really killed Hamlet's dad? Can the Prince ever 'get' Gertrude, or is that just wrong? What does Richard III want with a horse anyway? And where did the gravedigger get that gorgeous pink dress? Avenge...

The Hammer of Grimmold, by Jack Lockerby

Hangar 22, by Rob O'Hara
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

An out-of-luck computer programmer finds more than just a job opportunity in a mysterious government facility.

Hard Puzzle 3 : Origins, by Ade McT
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

It's not fair. First day on the new job, and it looks like the end of the world is happening. A silly little Speed-IF. But can you solve it? Hall of Fame: CMG Deboriole

Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony, by Ben Kidwell and Maevele Straw
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

A musician's manic episode binds fiction and reality into a joyful union.

Harrison Squared Dies Early, by Daryl Gregory
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

A Lovecraftian choose-your-own-adventure through a creepy school. There's a monster on the loose, and the only one who can track it down is you, Harrison Harrison, teenage monster detective. This is a...

Harvey Birdman: Habeas Dorkus!, by Adult Swim

Hate Plus, by Christine Love
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

I can't believe it! My mission was supposed to be routine data recovery on an old derelict generation ship, but instead, I ended up rescuing an adorable AI girl who grew up in a tremendously patriarchal...

Haunted House, by Pedro FernŠndez
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Haunted House is a remake of a 1979 game made by Device Oriented Games for the TRS-80 computer. Written for the 2011 Indigo speed-comp, it features an original plot over the classic game set-up. Its final,...

The Haunted House, by Campbell Wild
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Find the treasure, if the spooks donít get you first. Originally released using ADRIFT V3.8, it was updated for ADRIFT v4 a few years later.

Headless, Hapless, by Geoff Moore
Average member rating: (12 ratings)

It's happened again. You've had a great night riding around, freaking everyone out with your whole headless horseman thing, and you're about to set off for home when you realise you've lost your head. Well,...

Heart of Ice, by Dave Morris, SD Separa

Legend says that the one who possesses the Heart of Volent shall wield ultimate power. Created in the searing fires of the Big Bang, this fabulous gemstone focuses the cosmic forces which shape the universe...

Hedda Strikes Again, by Edwina Brown

Heist, by Andy Phillips
Average member rating: (10 ratings)

Your unloved uncle has died. At his funeral, you are given a curious note from him, asking you to finish his dream for him. But what is it he wants you to do? One thing is clear: it won't be easy. The choice...

Her Majesty's Trolley Problem, by Buster Hudson
Average member rating: (22 ratings)

No one said life in Her Majesty's Service would be easy. Fortunately, you've got everything you need: your officer's handbook, a harpoon cannon, and the indefatigable command of Captain Lionetta herself. If...

The Hero of Kendrickstone, by Paul Wang
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Can a wanna-be hero like you rescue the city of Kendrickstone, held hostage by an evil wizard and his troop of black-clad soldiers? Face down fierce foes with spell, sword, or silver tongue. Outwit cunning...

Heroes, by Sean Barrett
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

"A most traditional CRPG experience." [--blurb from Competition Aught-One]

Hex, by Geoff. H. Larsen

Whilst on a hiking holiday in Cornwall, you find yourself in Padstow during the Hobby Horse celebrations. These take place on May Day when the hobby horse dances through the crowd grabbing at and bumping...

Hexed Adventure, by Matt Gruskin and Alex Rosenthal

A browser-based text adventure game written for the 2017 MIT Mystery Hunt. It's a complete, self-contained game: you are an adventurer exploring an island of four kingdoms and completing various quests....

High Stakes, by John R. Sansevere and Dick Francis

You are Steven Scott, English gentleman, self-made millionaire, creator and designer of the world famous Rola toys. You have a flashy Lamborghini, a winning racehorse, and a big problem. Jody Leeds, the...

Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (78 ratings)

A far-future story of discovery.

Hollywood Hijinx, by Dave Anderson, Liz Cyr-Jones
Average member rating: (23 ratings)

Vampire Penguins. A Corpse Line. Meltdown on Elm Street. Who could forget these classic Hollywood movies produced by your uncle, Buddy Burbank? But his greatest masterpiece has yet to be experienced......

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