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The Impossible Bottle, by Linus Åkesson

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Wonderfully Whimsical, December 5, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
This game didn't make it on to my original list of games to play (puzzles aren't my favourite thing). But I kept hearing a lot of really positive things about it, and, in the end, I just had to investigate. Man, I'm so glad I made that decision.

Without even getting into the story or anything it was already interesting, being parser-based and point-and-click. I used both myself, mostly sticking with point-and-click, apart from with directions, which were sometimes simpler to just type. I found that this choice made the game much more accessible. I don't tend to play parser-based IF, but this game was so easy to play (well the puzzles were tricky but accessibility-wise).

I'm proud to say that I figured out most of the game without the walkthrough (I did attempt to use it a couple of times, but I found that it just overcomplicated matters for me). This game is challenging at times (you've got to think outside the box), but it's not so challenging that I quit playing, which says a fair bit. Well, more so it says that the game was so incredibly fascinating and whimsical that I couldn't quit.

The characters, pace, and setting were excellent. And, without spoiling the game, amazing things happen. What I'm trying to say is that this game is wonderfully whimsical and anyone who hasn't played it really should experience the overall wonder and the especially incredible moments.

Lore Distance Relationship, by Naomi "Bez" Norbez

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One of My New Favourites, December 2, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
To say I enjoyed "Lore Distance Relationship" almost feels like an understatement. After all, it's one of my new favourites. It's even tied for second on my list of all-time favourites. I absolutely loved the game.

It felt familiar and nostalgic. I've not been on a site quite like the one that was portrayed, and certainly not at such a young age. But I've spent much of my teen years on the writing/quiz site Quotev, and the game definitely reminded me of that.

The graphics were awesome. Really, just about all of the game was amazing. The only point of critique I could provide would be that the audio in one moment could use a bit of work. Otherwise, absolutely amazing! I even just about forgot I was playing a game at some points because I was so into it.

I really loved the characters. They felt so real. I didn’t realize how much I felt for them until the game had ended. And, I was kind of dazed, really emotional, and already missing them.

Conclusion: Lore Distance Relationship is absolutely awesome!

The Pinecone, by Joseph Pentangelo

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Odd and Entertaining, December 2, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
"The Pinecone" is definitely a peculiar game, a short peculiar game. It rather made me think of one of those odd picture books the librarian would read to my class when I was little. You really need to experience it yourself; it's hard to describe. It's definitely worth the few minutes it takes to play. I played it a few times, and it's certainly enjoyable.

Babyface, by Mark Sample

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Wonderfully Creepy, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
I haven't been really reading games' descriptions before trying them out, so I ended up going into this game without knowing it was horror. Fortunately, I'm rather fond of creepy games (as can be seen in the fact that Bogeyman by Elizabeth Smyth is my favourite IF game). I definitely found this game to be effective in how frightening it was, playing it at midnight making it even more so. I even got clammy hands.

The writing was excellent, as was the graphics, and everything else.

So, if you like horror, then I'd definitely recommend this game.

Mother Tongue, by Nell Raban

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A Moving Experience, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
I found this game to be an emotional and thought-provoking experience. I don't exactly relate to the experiences in this game, but I really felt a lot while playing through it regardless. I think it was the perfect format to tell the story. The characters and dialogue felt just right.

In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend this game.

Congee, by Becci

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Absolutely Lovely, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
I absolutely loved this game. I felt the story so much. And the characters were so wonderfully written. The audio and graphics were excellent. I don't know what to say beyond that this game was amazing and I 100% recommend it.

The Eidolon's Escape, by Mark Clarke

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An Enjoyable Game, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
I was hesitant when I started playing "The Eidolon's Escape". At this point, I'm not a big fan of puzzles. But I actually ended up being rather fond of this game. It took me quite a while to get through the game, not helped by me trying to play it with limited sleep. In fact, I even gave up on it at one point. But the problem was that I'd been hooked, so I had to give it another chance. And I'm super happy that I did. I liked the endings, one in particular. It was also thrilling to manage to make it through the game. Perhaps that's why folks like puzzle-oriented games.

In conclusion, I would recommend this game.

Trusting My Mortal Enemy?! What a Disaster!, by Storysinger Presents

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A Great Game, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
I'm not big on superhero stuff. And yet, I quite liked this game. The graphics were cool and I was fond of the characters. I wasn't expecting the multiple perspectives, but I actually rather liked how that was done. I'm typically not keen on stories with multiple perspectives. I think that's probably because it's trickier to develop multiple characters in the way you do with a protagonist. Furthermore, the story was interesting, kept me wondering and engaged.

In conclusion, this is a great game. If I was more into superhero stuff, there's a good chance I'd have gone with 5 stars. Definitely would recommend it.

At Night, by Oscar Martinez

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A Fun Game with Potential, December 1, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)
"At Night" is a fun game. The audio really puts you in the moment, and that was probably my favourite part of the game. It somewhat reminded me, especially towards the end, of the audio that sounds all around you in Skyrim, like when you're interacting with the Daedric Princes. The graphics were also quite cool.

Really, the only reason I've decided not to go with 4 stars is the ending. In the end, you're given multiple choices, but only one can really be chosen. And, should you attempt to stray from that path, the game doesn't respond in a way that's great. And, to be honest, I don't think the timer was necessary or the best choice either.

In conclusion, I rather enjoyed playing "At Night", but the ending fell short. If the ending was different, then I would be eager to recommend this short game, but as it stands, I think it needs a bit more work to reach it's true potential.

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