Fine Felines

by Felicity Banks


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Wonderful Game, December 30, 2022
by Ann Hugo (Canada)

Being that itís been a while since I played this one; this wonít be a particularly detailed review. I found it to be a fun sort of simulation game, more than that, but thatís the first way of describing it which comes to mind. It made me nostalgic for games I enjoyed playing when I was younger, which Iím sure included some sort of dog breeding game. The nostalgia was fun. That being said, that wasnít my favourite aspect of the game. Iím admittedly not a big fan of cats and I was kind of uninterested in that part of the game. There was a lot more to it, which is why this game is in my top five for this yearís IFComp games. Mostly, I was drawn in by the autistic potential love interest (Iím autistic, so I pay a lot of attention to autistic characters). The moment she was introduced I was won over. The little bit of romance between her the protagonist was just lovely.

Iíd definitely recommend this game. Itís wonderful.

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