The Impossible Bottle

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Wonderfully Whimsical, December 5, 2020
by Ann Hugo (Canada)

This game didn't make it on to my original list of games to play (puzzles aren't my favourite thing). But I kept hearing a lot of really positive things about it, and, in the end, I just had to investigate. Man, I'm so glad I made that decision.

Without even getting into the story or anything it was already interesting, being parser-based and point-and-click. I used both myself, mostly sticking with point-and-click, apart from with directions, which were sometimes simpler to just type. I found that this choice made the game much more accessible. I don't tend to play parser-based IF, but this game was so easy to play (well the puzzles were tricky but accessibility-wise).

I'm proud to say that I figured out most of the game without the walkthrough (I did attempt to use it a couple of times, but I found that it just overcomplicated matters for me). This game is challenging at times (you've got to think outside the box), but it's not so challenging that I quit playing, which says a fair bit. Well, more so it says that the game was so incredibly fascinating and whimsical that I couldn't quit.

The characters, pace, and setting were excellent. And, without spoiling the game, amazing things happen. What I'm trying to say is that this game is wonderfully whimsical and anyone who hasn't played it really should experience the overall wonder and the especially incredible moments.