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IFDB Top 100 - 100 items   May 27, 2024
A list by Pegbiter
An automatically updated list utilizing an IMDb style Bayes estimator to calculate weighted ratings based on all IFDB ratings. Questions...

IF for Japanese visual novel fans - 31 items   May 26, 2024
A list by Kastel
A bunch of my friends into Japanese visual novels asked me repeatedly over the months about my IF recommendations. I should actually...

Now Thatís What I Call Wordplay! - 6 items   May 3, 2024
A list by vinceren
GOD i love word puzzles :D or, I liked The Phantom Tollbooth a LOT as a kid.

My favourite games of all time - 9 items   April 7, 2024
A list by Alyssia

Works of Wordplay - 12 items   March 27, 2024
A list by Walter Sandsquish
Text-adventure games consist of little more than words, so some of them concern themselves with little more than wordplay. Here are a...

My favorite games - 11 items   March 12, 2024
A list by Artran
I appreciate smaller, puzzle-less, or experimental games like Shade, howling dogs, Photopia, Toby's Nose, De Baron. However, it's the...

2024 Alternative Top 25 (formerly 100) - 25 items   February 3, 2024
A list by Denk
(Created 03-Feb-2024) This is a snapshot of the 25 games on IFDB with the highest average star rating, though excluding games with less...

Favourite games - 20 items   December 9, 2023
A list by Max Fog
I use this list to remind myself what are good games and what to replay. Also, you guys might agree! (By the way, I can't see what I'm...

spingly's favourite games - 9 items   December 4, 2023
A list by Spingly
not too difficult and/or with mechanics or storylines that i found compelling My comments aim to provide a brief summary with rough...

favorites - 3 items   November 4, 2023
A list by snailmail

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