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AI Dungeon

by Nick Walton


Web Site

(based on 12 ratings)
1 member review

About the Story

"AI Dungeon is an AI generated text adventure that uses deep learning to create each adventure. [...]"

"AI Dungeon 1 and 2 were created by Nick Walton with support from David Wingate, Max Robinson, and Alan Walton. It also couldnít have been possible without OpenAI and their released GPT-2 models."

And all the authors whose stories it was trained on at ChooseYourStory.com.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: 2
License: MIT License
Development System: Python
Forgiveness Rating: Merciful
IFID: Unknown
TUID: r6em3djss20qquqm


Nominee, Best Implementation; Winner, Best Use of Innovation - 2019 XYZZY Awards


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EndMaster fanfiction generator, January 19, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
At CYS, weíve long been aware of this little experiment and even more amused that the creator used popular CYS stories at the time as the foundation to create the monster. We even spoke directly with the creator who popped up on our forums and discord, everything was generally civil.

I know some folks were going on about some stuff about monetary compensation for using our works without at least even asking first. Not sure how likely that is to happen, however Iíve never really written ďfor the money.Ē If I did, Iíd surely grow to hate writing altogether. I canít enjoy a hobby if it becomes work. I primarily write for my own enjoyment and if others like it, thatís fine. If they donít well thatís fine too.

However over the years as Iíve done this hobby of mine Iíll be the first to admit, I donít mind my influence being spread to far reaching corners of the internet. Surprising more than one would think considering I virtually use no social media at all and my name or stories still pop up in some of the oddest places on the web.

So what does this exercise in pontificating about my own ego have to do with AI Dungeon? Quite a lot since most of the stories used to help build the foundation were mine. As a result various names of characters, places, monsters and other things pop up enough in AI Dungeon stories that people on its Reddit and Discord have lists of them, asking who they are, what they are and ultimately linking to the original sources of said things, which is as you guessed it, to most of my stories.

Iíve played through AI Dungeon myself on more than one occasion and I feel like Iím playing fan fiction of my own stories at times. Iíve spoken to some of the players of AI Dungeon on their discord given them a bit of background on the origins various names they keep wondering about which was probably more fun than actually playing the game itself since the AI is very ďforgetfulĒ and inconsistent. I know programming something like this probably difficult and I can appreciate the ambition, but it just really doesnít work excessively well as a game. Boredom inevitably ensues as the AI generations get repetitive.

I know theyíve updated and reworked it a bit to try to curb some of the ďCYS referencesĒ but apparently they keep popping up since people still keep mentioning them (or complaining about them). Well maybe you should have thought twice about building your mansion on top of an underground necropolis. Youíre stuck with the undead roaming about now pal.

Other changes I know theyíve made is ďcleaning it upĒ so certain words canít be used or they get altered. Pretty sure thatís drawn complaints too since Iím fairly certain at least more than half of the users are just creating weird sex fetishes on the stuff. Take some of that away and youíre eliminating most of the fanbase right there. I think they recently added a ďpaymentĒ plan too so you can only take so many actions before you have to wait to play some more unless you pay money. I definitely know that is causing some ire from the fans (or soon to be ex-fans) of the game.

Still, this game is basically like a monument to CYS. So even if I feel like it falls short of what it tries to actually accomplish, I canít help but like it on some level since its helped in spreading our glorious influence. (And mine in particular)

To sum up, as a game it has several flaws and isnít that great. As an indirect advertising tool for CYS on a mass scale, itís actually pretty good considering we got someone else to do for us without even asking.

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