The Last Dark Day

by Bob Reeves profile

Episode 8 of Painless Little Stupid Games

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- Edo, April 19, 2022

- Sobol (Russia), July 5, 2017

- Simon Deimel (Germany), March 26, 2015

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), November 12, 2011

- Hulk Handsome (Carmen Sandiago), September 10, 2011

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Not Much of a Game, September 10, 2011
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

Despite the Romantic sensibilities of the title, The Last Dark Day is anything but a Romantic, Gothic tour-de-force. It is a small, linear experience (not much of a game) that ends right about the time you've figured things out. You can't do much and waiting will effectively win the game the same as if you did anything. If the author wanted to convey a sense of helplessness or resignedness to fate, there must be better ways to convey it. On the plus side, this could have ended not as happily, so two stars for the implicit message.

- WaterMonkey314, August 31, 2011

- Ben Cressey (Seattle, WA), August 30, 2011

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I doubt it is the last dark day, August 29, 2011
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)

This is a tiny game that puts the PC in a situation we have not often seen in interactive fiction. Saying anything more would spoil all.

I suspect the game would have been more interesting if it had taken me more than two turns to understand what was happening. Or, rather, I think the game should have allowed me to express that understanding and should then have skipped to the ending immediately. As it was, my third or fourth command was (Spoiler - click to show)"be born", but that didn't do anything; and that meant I just had to wait it out. Which is realistic, I guess, but not necessarily fun.

Let me finish by saying that the title of the piece is perhaps a tad optimistic. But that, I suppose, will be the subject of Painless Little Stupid Game 9.

- Ryusui (Out in the middle of a field!), August 29, 2011

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