Sins Against Mimesis

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- Edo, July 21, 2022

>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

There aren't many games which I would highly recommend to one group of people and discourage others from playing, but Sins is one of them. If you're an raif and rgif regular, I think you'll find Sins quite funny and entertaining. If not, forget it. It's bound to be more baffling and irritating than anything else.

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- Zape, June 21, 2020

- jeffhos, October 18, 2016

- hoopla, October 5, 2016

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Early game about IF itself and the community. Fun setting., February 4, 2016

This game heavily references early interactive fiction and the usenet groups. I was not involved in the community in the 90's or even the aught's, but the ifwiki page for this game has a little bit of background. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this game in the same way one enjoys Gulliver's Travels or Don Quijote without familiarity with the things they are parodying.

You have a mimesis plant (a joke explained in the game), and you have to commmit the seven deadly sins with it. Once you do, you progress to two more areas, encountering foes and friends.

The game heavily references the following:

-John's Fire Witch. An early puzzle game where you have to collect seven sins to get by a devil.
-Curses! The game contains three of the most important objects in Curses! and spoils the game a bit.
-So Far. The game mimics the ending of So Far, spoiling that ending.
-Jigsaw. The game is framed in terms of the main NPC from Jigsaw having abandoned you. It references some activities in Jigsaw.

In addition, it names 7 games to represent the seven sins, and contains one room each from games such as Adventure, So Far, Zork I, and so on.

I like works about the genre they are part of (like The Book with No Pictures for children's books). If you like self-referential work, I recommend this game.

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Baf's Guide

This game basically consists of a slew of in-jokes strung together. In a riff from John's Fire Witch, you must gather seven text adventures representing the deadly sins. After that, it just gets sillier. Features a hint menu.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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