The Mulldoon Legacy

by Jon Ingold profile

Episode 1 of Mulldoon
Fantasy/Time Travel

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Hard to complete without a walkthrough., February 3, 2011

First of all, this game is incredible. I started playing it and was hooked after five minutes (excluding the opening scene, which I couldn't get into at first). Entering the museum, exploring the first rooms, speaking with the first NPC, beginning the transition from the tangible to magical realms. This was very exciting for me.

I had read the author's notes about playing the game without a walkthrough, and I was very excited to attempt this. I made a determination that no matter how long it took, I would not consult any solutions guide. But, of course, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak right? So after days of being at a standstill at one particular puzzle, having exhausting all my efforts and resources to try and solve it, I finally gave in and looked at a walkthrough. And I was completely and utterly disappointed. I still have not figured out how I was supposed to reach that particular conclusion without guidance. Nothing in the game up to that point (Spoiler - click to show)(how on earth was I supposed to know I needed to point at the sign and get the monkey to look at it? I mean, huh?!) seemed to have given a clue as to encouraging that particular action in that particular circumstance. It felt like such an unfair situation that, in spite of having the answer I needed, I found myself half-heartedly playing the game after that (continuing to use a walkthrough), before finally giving up and moving on.

Now, would I still recommend this game to others? ABSOLUTELY! It is a great piece of work, and it deserves every bit of praise it receives. (In fact, I personally think Jon Ingold is a genious). But I do wish that I had been able to play without a walkthrough, particularly since this was the author's own advice.

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Danielle, February 3, 2011 - Reply
If you enjoyed this game--or even the idea of it--you might want to track down the old Sierra point-and-click puzzle/adventure game SHIVERS. It's also a puzzlefest set in a museum, but it has a little more...hmm...cheesy-scary vibe to it?

Everytime I think of Muldoon Legacy it makes me want to play SHIVERS.
diddlescatter, February 4, 2011 - Reply
Thanks for the tip. Been looking around for Shivers, but haven't found a download site for it.
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