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A reading palette cleanser, January 26, 2024
by manonamora
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In this new entry, we meet with Andrey and Nikolai once more (which have appeared in consecrated before this), now living a simple and settled down life, with Winnifred, their daughter. Away from the dangerous and ever-so changing intrigue of the court, the three of them live off of love and sweets.

The writing is delectable, saccharine sweet, oozing with love and affection. On Father's Day, Andrey and Winnie are baking are trying to bake a cake for Nikolai - trying to be quiet enough so he does not awake up and walk in on the surprise. Being the cutest of toddlers, Winnie attempts to derail the cooking to satisfy her sweet tooth. The whole premise is so sweet and lovely. I just love how adorable and delightful it is.

But... I'm going to pretend Andrey cracked more than one egg, cause I don't think the cake would actually... work.

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