And You May Find Yourself

by VPC

Magical Realism

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- Phillip J Rhoades (HowToPhil) (Kalamazoo, MI), September 15, 2021

A promising start, January 29, 2020

by Stephane F. (Nancy, France)

As it has already been written here, this game is incomplete. It offers about 5 minutes of reading, and is rather well written and interesting. Impossible to tell if it's a psychological novel, a fantasy story, science fiction, or something paranoid ā la Philip K. Dick (which certain themes or characters made me think of). Hopefully the author will finish his work one day.

- Spike, December 3, 2018

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An incomplete texture game about a surreal world, November 24, 2018
by MathBrush
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In this game, you wake up in the world described in Talking Head's 'Once in a Lifetime' song. You have a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, and none of it makes sense.

This is a texture game, and has great promise. Unfortunately, it is not complete at all.

If you experiment with it, note that it has some sensuous scenes.

- AKheon (Finland), November 20, 2018

- Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway), November 16, 2018

- Pegbiter (Malmö, Sweden), November 1, 2018

- Sobol (Russia), October 21, 2018

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