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Phillip J Rhoades, has been actively creating instructions, diagrams, and videos for years He has experience working as a librarian, computer lab tech, college instructor, short order cook, system admin, programmer, service professional, writer, puppeteer. . . His wide experience imparts a working knowledge of how people think and learn which gives him a distinct edge when creating instructional documents, videos, and diagrams for others.

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Interactive Fiction by Phillip J Rhoades (HowToPhil)

Wake Up, by Phillip J Rhoades (2018)
(4 ratings)
You are awake and alone. Unable to move. Unable to fight against the thing slowly rising from within you. Is there any part of you that can resist? Any part that you can still move? (Based on a...

Here, by Phillip J Rhoades (3 ratings)
Nothing Good Ever Happens Here! Desolate, hopeless, horror genre... in poetic form with a choose-your-path spin. Each passage is a tanka style poem. You live here, in a gray world where nothing...

Please Help Me, by Phillip J Rhoades (2018)
(4 ratings)
Help the person on the other end of the machine get free. You find a small black box with a keyboard and a little screen buzzing and flashing at you. When you pick it up, you see the numbers "1979"...

Spring 2020, by Phillip J Rhoades (2020)
(6 ratings)
All you can do is eat or wait. There are two endings. There are no good endings. Based on a random idea in a Twitter conversation. I joked I...

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