The Impossible Bottle

by Linus Åkesson profile

Episode 1 of The Impossible Series

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- Inarcadia Jones (NYC), August 14, 2022

- Kinetic Mouse Car, July 31, 2022

- BlueAskew, June 30, 2022

- VanishingSky (Antarctica), June 14, 2022

- bkirwi, May 23, 2022

- TheBoxThinker, May 22, 2022

- E.K., March 15, 2022

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Works on multiple levels, March 2, 2022
by dvs

The game starts as a simple meet-the-next-goal puzzle game with a young protagonist...but we soon discovered the clever twist and kept unraveling layers of consequences which brought us great joy. Even the ending held a nice surprise for us.

There was gentle hinting that eased us in the correct direction without feeling like we were being railroaded. The language was fresh and joyful.

A delightful game, highly recommended!

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Brilliantly ingenious mechanic, February 15, 2022

This is an excellent game, with a really strong central premise that opens up a whole world of intriguing possibilities. Playing this shortly after Counterfeit Monkey inevitably raised comparisons with that game: Impossible Bottle is much smaller, and part of the fun here is working out the mechanic for yourself rather than being instructed in it, but it's similar in that once you understand how it works there are all sorts of crazy experiments you can try.

I'm not great at puzzles, but I solved all of them myself apart from (Spoiler - click to show) getting into the bottle, for which I did have to rely on the very well implemented hint system. I think I simply hadn't appreciated the sheer scale of the central conceit! I do feel that some of the puzzles are rather unintuitive, but the writing is charming enough that it gets away with it.

I like to interpret all the weird goings on as taking place in the protagonist's imagination, but of course you could read it differently...

- IanAllenBird, November 27, 2021

- NorkaBoid (Ohio, USA), November 14, 2021

- dgtziea, October 22, 2021

- zinze, October 19, 2021

- WillFlame, September 29, 2021

- Jade68, September 11, 2021

- Guenni (At home), August 28, 2021

- Prosilire (New York City), August 21, 2021

- sunmono, August 9, 2021

- Rainbow Fire , August 8, 2021

- Karlok (Netherlands), July 25, 2021

- katerinaterramare, June 22, 2021

- nounsnlies, June 7, 2021

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Cute, clever, and impressively polished, June 7, 2021
by Wynter (London, UK)

I came to this game with high expectations, having previously played Tethered by the same author. The Impossible Bottle is diametrically different in atmosphere and setting - the only thing they have in common is that, in both games, objects aren't what they seem to be at first glance - but this is another excellent game by Linus Åkesson.

This game is based on one single, very strong and very thoughtfully worked-out idea: (Spoiler - click to show)a dollhouse which allows you to change the size and nature of items inside the actual house, and vice versa. This reminded me somewhat of a similar mechanic in (Spoiler - click to show)Emily Short's Metamorphoses, except in that game the solutions felt a bit more arbitrary and random, perhaps due to the more mystical atmosphere, whereas in The Impossible Bottle they were more logical and easier to figure out.

After having struggled through a couple of fiendish (but deeply, deeply enjoyable) games by Graham Nelson (both of which, if I'm not mistaken, are referenced in this game: try chatting to Nolan at different points in your progress), I appreciated the 'merciful' rating of this one, not to mention the hint system, which gave out tips without giving too much too quickly.

The child-centred view of the world ("this room is the best, because it's yours") was sweet and funny, and once I had figured out how to make the game 'work' it was great fun to (Spoiler - click to show)move different objects and change them from one thing to another. And there is a cuddly capybara in it.

- William Chet (Michigan), June 6, 2021

- Isaac Buckley (Oregon), May 5, 2021

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