A Place of Infinite Beauty

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- Wynter (UK), June 12, 2021

- lavieenmeow, September 27, 2019

- MemoriesofMiltia, July 14, 2017

- wwenches (Florida), June 5, 2015

- CMG (NYC), January 12, 2015

- Caleb Wilson (Illinois), November 24, 2014

- MonochromeMolly, August 1, 2012

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Overwrought, or not?, June 14, 2012
by Danielle (The Wild West)

I almost thought this was a joke game initially, with the highly dramatic descriptions and (Spoiler - click to show)very violent endings. But after settling in and realizing it wasn't a prank, I decided I liked the poetry of some of the scenes. And the different scenarios have different flavors, which, combined with (Spoiler - click to show)the winning ending led to a solid understanding of the theme.

Later on in the day, when I was watching something, it resurfaced in my mind. Any game that sticks with me after I've played it is worthwhile in my book--especially if it's short like this piece. My advice is: approach it as an interactive poem.

- Sam Kabo Ashwell (Seattle), June 13, 2012

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