Crow Quest

by rookerie


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- Ann Hugo (Canada), May 19, 2022

- wisprabbit (Sheffield, UK), May 18, 2022

- Xavid, May 18, 2022

- Dawn Sueoka, May 15, 2022

Quest for the crown, May 14, 2022

For a first foray into Twine, this is a mighty promising game. The narration perfectly captures what I imagine the internal lives of crows to be like. The included artwork is gorgeous. The final battle, where the player has to quickly discern the pattern in a rock-paper-scissors-like sequence, suits the game perfectly: its short length adds pressure to figure out the way to win, while preventing the battle from becoming tedious once the player has already figured it out.

The gameplay of Crow Quest feels very experimental, and this final battle is the one part of the experiment that really lands. Elsewhere, the small scope of the game shows its limitations more readily. The bulk of the game consists of random events which quickly become repetitive. The item selection at the beginning is a fine idea, but quickly ends up feeling meaningless as the items become exhausted and cease to be relevant long before the game is over.

An expanded version of this game would be of much interest to me, though I believe that to carry the concept to its fullest execution, the author would have to take the plunge and craft a more elaborate plot with a clearer throughline rather than relying on random and largely disconnected events.

- EJ, May 12, 2022

- Rovarsson (Belgium), April 29, 2022

A short, amusing story of a crow with nice graphics, April 23, 2022

by MathBrush
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This is a visually very nice game, and funny, too.

It's a short twine game where you play as a crow with an attitude and intentionally bad spelling (basically 'no u' times 100). Your attitude, is, in fact, measured, and you 'win' by getting the highest attitude.

We played this in the Seattle If Meetup and I played it after, as well.

It's fairly brief, and amusing. It seems to have some kind of randomization or procedural generation, as you can get different events on different playthroughs.

There's some mild profanity. Overall, it's not too long so if the above sounds appealing, try it out.

Have you ever dream to be a crow?, April 15, 2022


This is another imaginative game, and we count a bunch of these this year.
I am a crow, I am alone, I have to take over the town. This is a difficult task, indeed. I have played a bunch of times and I haven’t already found a good ending.
Graphis are in a good mood, cool and expresive. I really want to take the lead in crow’s nest!

Perhaps crows are smarter than I think.


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