Human Errors

by Katherine Morayati

Science Fiction

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- Kinetic Mouse Car, July 28, 2022

- Rainbow Fire , January 10, 2022

- kierlani, June 22, 2020

- Bartlebooth, February 19, 2020

- Jacic, November 12, 2019

- wohanley, August 16, 2019

- lunaterra (Atlanta, GA, USA), August 8, 2019

- IanAllenBird, May 14, 2019

- dgtziea, August 6, 2018

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A help-desk for wearable emotion-manipulators. Fiction through bureaucracy., May 22, 2018
by MathBrush
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This is a complex Twine-and-Javascript based game that reproduces the help-desk environment from IT. You are given a bunch of tickets or help requests to address. You can dismiss them, respond to them, rank their severity, etc.

But instead of normal IT, you're troubleshooting a device that creates impulses in others.

As you progress, your performance is evaluated, and others might respond to you. The story slowly splays out.

It's an odd story, too. Like Morayati's other works regarding technological dystopias (Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory, Take), the game explores uncomfortable parts of the human condition.

The game takes real-life issues (like the below-minimum-wage oppression of gig jobs like Mechanical Turk, having to buy cheap knock-offs of products that can harm you, workplace harassment, etc.) which people have gradually become numb too and puts them in a startling new light by applying them to new situations.

If you liked this work, I strongly recommend the two other games I mentioned earlier.

- Joey Jones (UK), May 21, 2018

- Brendan Patrick Hennessy (Toronto, Ontario), May 17, 2018

- Pseudavid, May 15, 2018

- Emily Short, May 15, 2018

- CMG (NYC), May 15, 2018

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