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level9.zip *
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Application
Play online (BBC Micro version)
It is not clear whether a version of Knight Orc for the BBC Micro/​Master was ever officially released. The copy seen here was recovered from a "play test" disc which was found at the Centre for Computing History.
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Manual *
'The Sign of the Orc' novella *
Accompanying novella, by Peter McBride
Original Level 9 clue sheet
* Compressed with ZIP. Free Unzip tools are available for most systems at www.info-zip.org.

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Knight Orc

by Pete Austin

Fantasy, Humor, Science Fiction

About the Story

Knight Orc casts you as an oppressed orc in a magical world where all is not as it first seems. For generations humans have been persecuting orcs, and now it's time to get your own back.

A fantasy adventure in three parts:

  • Loosed Orc
  • A Kind of Magic
  • Hordes of the Mountain King

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Never has so much been packed on so few chips for so many. Knight Orc is so complex it's an absolute pleasure to play - not so much a game, more of a book in which you can write your own ending. The text is beautifully-written, both interesting and informative story; the vocabulary is extremely user-friendly and 'real' sentences or even paragraphs can be constructed. But what makes Knight Orc so atmospheric is the number of characters roaming about the place - they don't just exist as in most adventures, they actually have lives all of their own, just as much as the player.
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The puzzles, jokes, characters and parser are all up to par with the best that Infocom had to offer. I suspect that this game did not receive the props that it should have due to its subject manner -- playing the "bad guy" didn't really become in style until "Syndicate." While Grindleguts is a greedy, violent, angry little pit he is also a character worthy of our respect. Especially among the piles of spods he's running around with. I suspect that the background characters in Knight Orc are set to mirror the kind of individuals we (the gaming community) can't -- in theory -- stand or relate to in real life. Jocks, Girls, urchins, soldiers... one can make the argument that when they are in our world (a game) they should be the outsiders. Knight Orc describes them with as much distaste as we normally get in "their" environments. Bloody fabulous.
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