Requires a Z-Code interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links.
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Requires a Z-Code interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links.
Solution by Richard Bos
Solution by Garry Francis
Map by Garry Francis

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Ad Verbum

by Nick Montfort


About the Story

"With the cantankerous Wizard of Wordplay evicted from his mansion, the worthless plot can now be redeveloped. The city regulations declare, however, that the rip-down job can't proceed until all the items within had been removed.

As an adventurer hired by the demolitions contractor to kleptomaniacially clear out this mansion, you must engage in wordplay in order to gather all the items inside. It is not necessary to think of puns, cliches, or homonyms, however, as has been the case with previous logological interactive fiction. The puzzles in Ad Verbum are of a different -- and perhaps even unique -- nature." [--blurb from Competition Aught-Zero]

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: 11
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform 6
Baf's Guide ID: 912
IFIDs:  ZCODE-11-060905-93BD
TUID: xi4s5ne9m6w821xd

Off-Site Reviews

[...] The game itself presents the player with a seemingly simple stint: acquire all objects from a house and dump them in the Dumpster. The catch is that the house once belonged to the "cantankerous Wizard of Wordplay", so it's not as simple as going through each room and picking up the objects. You have to obey the rules. For example, in one room, you can only use words that begin with the letter 's', however the only way to leave it is to the north, which is a word you can't use. You also have to be able to pick up objects in those rooms, again only using 's'-words. [...] (Mark J Musante)
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Ad Verbum, as the name suggests, involves wordplay like Nord & Bert. [...] This game took some getting used to! (Dorothy Millard)
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>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

Up until about halfway through Ad Verbum, I found that it was very well prepared to handle anything I threw at it. However, as I moved to other puzzles, it started to reject perfectly valid commands, which caused me to lose faith in the game with distressing speed, despite how impressed I had been with it up until then. After that frustrating period, I turned to the help and didn't try very hard to solve the rest of the puzzles, which is a shame because some of them were really excellent puzzles. The problem is that because Ad Verbum requires such specific input, when it isn't prepared to handle what little input is valid under its rules, it seems much more broken than does a typical IF puzzle when it rejects alternate solutions. I can't say I blame it -- frankly, I'm astonished by how well coded it is already, even despite what it still lacks -- but that didn't make my experience any more fun when the game was rejecting correct answers.
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