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Lost Pig

by Admiral Jota profile

Fantasy, Humor

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About the Story

Pig lost! Boss say that it Grunk fault. Say Grunk forget about closing gate. Maybe boss right. Grunk not remember forgetting, but maybe Grunk just forget.

-- IFComp 2007 blurb

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Off-Site Reviews

Gaming Enthusiast
There’s no better game if you want to take a breather from more serious and complex titles and simply to have a great time. Definitely a gem in the comedic genre.
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Jay Is Games
What's great is that Lost Pig is on the lighter side. I found myself laughing most of the time while I gleefully wandered around. Grunk narrates the game in caveman-like diction, but this element never became annoying to me. It really serves to absorb you into the amiable character. The game isn't very long but offers up a relatively good challenge, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the genre.
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Play This Thing!
It's got neat puzzles, it's got a good sense of humor, and it's insanely responsive. All kinds of odd, esoteric, or silly actions are catered for, and that keeps the game entertaining even when you're temporarily stuck for a solution.
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Onion A. V. Club

While the game is short, and a few of the puzzles rely on conveniently magical explanations, Lost Pig makes a hilarious case for why text still matters.
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PC Gamer
Grunk an orc, and not good at description; detailed expository introspections on combining inherently ludic nature of interactive fiction and unconventional prose style not Grunk’s thing. But Grunk’s story funny.
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By far, the most fascinating part of the game is to see these two characters interact, Grunk and the gnome. Grunk’s limited intelligence is pitted against Gnome’s infinite patience. The game will give you random suggestions on what you can ask, and these suggestions never seem to run out. I spent over an hour ignoring the rest of the game just to talk to this gnome.
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Well crafted, not too long, requires pleasantly clever choices, and written strongly through to the end. Excellent IF title. Going up there as one of my favorites.
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Jörgs Wort[be]reich
Rezension zum IF-Comp 2007 (German)
Du bist ein Ork auf der Suche nach einem Schwein, das deinem Chef gehört und stiften gegangen ist. Dies führt dich des nächtens in den Wald, und bald darauf findest du dich in der unterirdischen Behausung eines alchimistisch interessierten Gnoms wieder. Die Sau hast du damit aber noch nicht im Sack...

Der Erzählstil bedient sich des grammatikalischen Verständnisses unseres Hauptdarstellers -- Grunk. Das hört sich anstrengend an, wurde aber so liebevoll und geschickt umgesetzt, daß es tatsächlich schon den ersten Humorbonus dafür gibt. Sämtliche Standardantworten scheinen ebenfalls daraufhin angepaßt worden zu sein, was von großer Gründlichkeit seitens des Autors zeugt. ...
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