Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7

We are pleased to announce a very special Casual Gameplay Design Competition, one focused entirely on interactive fiction! For CGDC #7, we're calling on IF authors to craft one-room games incorporating the theme "escape". It's text-only this time around, so you can spend your time polishing puzzles instead of pixels.

The competition is sponsored by Jay is Games, a popular website about Flash and casual games.

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Official Web site:

Organizer(s): Jay is Games

Award date: February 22, 2010

Qualification opening date: November 16, 2009

Qualification closing date: February 1, 2010

Games and Awards

1st Place: Hoosegow, by Ben Collins-Sussman, Jack Welch
2nd Place: Fragile Shells, by Stephen Granade
3rd Place: Dual Transform, by Andrew Plotkin
4th Place: Party Foul, by Brooks Reeves
5th Place: Roofed, by Jim Munroe
6th Place: Ka, by Dan Efran
7th Place: Monday, 16:30, by Alexander "Mordred" Andonov
8th Place: The Usher, by Branden Rishel and Daphne Gabrieli
9th Place: Into the Open Sky, by Matthew Lindquist
10th Place: Lurid Dreams, by Torgrim Mellum Stene
11th Place: Containment, by Kevin Mintmier
12th Place: The Cube, by Eleanor Gang and Simon Smart
13th Place: The Blueprint, by Thaidaree
14th Place: Critical Breach, by Grey
15th Place: The Manor at Whitby, by L. E. Hall
16th Place: Heavenly, by Jim Aikin
17th Place: I Expect You To Die, by Anthony Schuster
18th Place: Virtuality, by Mark
19th Place: Drama Queen 7 - Mother knows best, by HermDog
20th Place: Terminal, by C. Everett
21st Place: Couch of Doom, by Megan Moser and Margaret Moser
22nd Place: Basic Train-ing, by bpsp
23rd Place: Paint, by Paul VanKoughnett
24th Place: Golden Shadow, by The Technomancer
25th Place: Escape In The Dark, by Owen Parish
26th Place: Escape Into Fiction, by M27
27th Place: A Zeroeth Dimension, by Dewey Mowris
28th Place: An Open Field, by Chris Daniels
29th Place: Survive, by Baltasar
30th Place: Zegrothenus, by Poster

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