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Interactive Fiction by Mostly Useless

Witch's Girl, by Geoff Moore (2013)
(17 ratings)

Surface, by Geoff Moore (2014)
(9 ratings)
You breathe, and the vessel breathes with you. The pod attempts to bind with you as you shift, restless, weak with hunger and exhaustion. Too long now, far too long since Xil left. She should have...

Headless, Hapless, by Geoff Moore (2013)
(13 ratings)
It's happened again. You've had a great night riding around, freaking everyone out with your whole headless horseman thing, and you're about to set off for home when you realise you've lost your...

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Polls by Mostly Useless

Twine-bending Twine Games - 47 votes for 23 games; created January 3, 2014
Twine games that do something you found unusual and interesting, not in terms of story, but visually or mechanically, or both.

Lost Pig type puzzle complexity - 21 votes for 14 games; created April 10, 2013
I haven't played a lot of IF, as I'm often put off by what are (for me) difficult puzzles. Without doubt the most satisfaction I've had...

Reviews by Mostly Useless

Fallout Shelter, by Marshal Tenner Winter (as Histroy Gloam)   May 27, 2014
"Fallout Shelter is too brief to review without spoilers, and if I tagged them all the review wouldn't make any sense, so *SPOILER ALERT*...." - See the full review

Hide a pachyderm!, by Simon Deimel   February 13, 2014
"This was fun. There's pretty much nothing there, but what there is has been robustly implemented and is well-written and amusing. I would..." - See the full review

Ill Wind, by Marshal Tenner Winter   May 20, 2013
"Our nameless detective strikes again, this time stalking the stinking alleys of Chicago - with gangsters! An inventively foul-mouthed..." - See the full review

The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons, by Marshal Tenner Winter   January 22, 2013
"Marshal Tenner Winter's second IF outing places you firmly in the shoes of a private eye thrown into a mysterious case, and (without..." - See the full review

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Skulljhabit, by Porpentine
The Voodoo You Do, by Marshal Tenner Winter
Dark Carnival, by Marshal Tenner Winter
The Realistic Nascar eXperience, by Nathaniel Tayerle
KING OF BEES IN FANTASY LAND, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy

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