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by Molly
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From Hardcore Gaming 101:
"Kusoge" (糞ゲー, or クソゲー) is a Japanese compound word - "kuso", meaning "garbage, crap, shit", and "ge", short for "geemu", the Japanese pronounciation of the word "game". It means, quite literally, "shit game". [...] In the most general sense, a kusoge is simply a terrible game. But a specific culture has sprung up surrounding games like these, people that celebrate these games for their sub-par quality. Dubbed "kuso bunka" ("kuso culture"), it revels in mockery and silliness. In many ways, it's the equivalent of the B-grade (and below) movies featured on the likes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

With that explanation in mind, what are your favorite kusoges of the IF Comp? (Spring Thing games are welcome, too.) I'm especially interested in titles that are bad in interesting, or at least endearing, ways.

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The Lift, by Colin Capurso
3 votes
"Possibly I'm the only one with any affection for this game" [+]... "Props for the cover art, though" [+]... (No comment) [+]...

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The Chronicler, by John Evans
1 vote
"Crap Underimplemented Game is its genre, but it's doing some interesting stuff with its mechanics and it engaged me enough to finish it." [+]...

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The Epic Origins of CamelGirl!, by Brandi Wilcox
1 vote
"Wildly..." [+]...

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Luster, by Jared Smith
1 vote
"First game I disassembled" [+]...

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