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The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison
Average member rating: (71 ratings)

The curtain lifts to a torrent of applause, as the city's gents and ladies lose their decorum for a just few moments in anticipation of something magical. The spotlights drown the glitter of sequins and...

An Act of Murder, by Christopher Huang
Average member rating: (82 ratings)

Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
Average member rating: (396 ratings)

You take a deep breath of salty air as the first raindrops begin to spatter the pavement, and the swollen, slate-colored clouds that blanket the sky mutter ominous portents amongst themselves over the little...

Aotearoa, by Matt Wigdahl
Average member rating: (63 ratings)

The Fish of Māui. The Land of the Long Cloud. Aotearoa. An entire continent of untamed wilds, and the last place on Earth where dinosaurs still roam. If only you'd come ashore under better circumstances...

The Awakening: Prologue to the Saturn Chronicles, by PKProStudio
Average member rating: (1 rating)

"One man begins the longest journey of his life in this prologue to the upcoming Saturn Chronicles" ...

Babel, by Ian Finley
Average member rating: (156 ratings)

In this game, you play as an amnesiac inside Babel, an abandoned Arctic facility devoted to biological research. You soon discover that you have the unusual ability to witness scenes from the past by...

Beanstalk the and Jack, by David Welbourn
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

The story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" - but backwards!

Bellclap, by Tommy Herbert
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

Berrost's Challenge, by Mark Hatfield
Average member rating: (7 ratings)
Light-hearted (semi-)heroic fantasy. Can an aging apprentice end his apprenticeship with a flourish (and a few new spells to cast)? Just an old-school text adventure with a tip of the cap to Infocom's...

Bigger Than You Think, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (52 ratings)

Bigger Than You Think is a choice-based interactive narrative. This game was written for the Yuletide 2012 fanfic exchange. The game was inspired -- perhaps loosely -- by Randall Munroe's comic xkcd-1110:...

Broken Legs, by Sarah Morayati
Average member rating: (31 ratings)

A blurb? They expect you to write? You're Lottie Plum so you're not going into writing. You sing. And dance and act up a storm while everyone else can only manage a puddle. You belong at Bridger. No matter...

City of Secrets, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (105 ratings)

Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
Average member rating: (113 ratings)

Stolen away by apathetic Blind Ones, your only desire is to return to your Cellarium and the Song of the Universe. They should understand. You shall make them to understand.

Conspiration, by E. Beaujouan and M. Randjelovic
Average member rating: (1 rating)

Counterfeit Monkey, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (243 ratings)

Anglophone Atlantis has been an independent nation since an April day in 1822, when a well-aimed shot from their depluralizing cannon reduced the British colonizing fleet to one ship. Since then, Atlantis...

Critical Breach, by Grey
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

A science fiction/horror game, set in an underground laboratory. Something is breaking free... This is my first game, it should be pretty short and easy.

Cry Wolf, by Clare Parker
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

You are awoken, startled by a sound in the night. Still bleary from dreams, you turn on the light to chase away the shadows. But there, beyond the safety of your room, something moves in the darkness. It is...

Cryptophasia, by Alan DeNiro (as L. Starr Voronoi)
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

"Ever since the fall of the Galactic Thessalocracy 40 years ago, on account of the erebus plague, the one thing that has bound people together across far-flung star systems has been a love of Viennese...

Crystal and Stone, Beetle and Bone, by Jenny Brennan
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

You are God! The last God and Lornedei is your only true believer. You need her to stand against the coming dark. Can you guide her? Will she follow?

Curses, by Graham Nelson
Average member rating: (132 ratings)

"As "Curses" opens, you're hunting about in the attic of your family home, looking for a tatty old map of Paris (you're going on holiday tomorrow) and generally trying to avoid all the packing. Aunt Jemima...

Dangerous Curves, by Irene Callaci
Average member rating: (23 ratings)

Dead Cities, by Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (31 ratings)

The letter you received from Arkwright's nephew Carter was clear enough: when the old man dies the inheritance tax will be too great. It's certain ruin, much like the estate itself. To raise some capital the...

Degeneracy, by Leonard Richardson
Average member rating: (17 ratings)

The glitterings of Gold, Jewels, Tapestries, &c. belie the Corruption of he who 'til recently occupied this high Seat. A white Carpet, once flanked by Sycophants & Counsellors, now lies untravelled. It leads...

The Down Dragon, by Stuart Allen
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

As a fantasy adventurer, the only commands you've used in a while have been WAIT, DOWN and OUT. But look on the bright side, at least you're not the only one...
Dragon Hunt, by Joachim Froholt and Markus Merilainen
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (177 ratings)

The Dreamhold is interactive fiction — a classic text adventure. No graphics! No point-and-click! You type your commands, and read what happens next. The Dreamhold is designed for people who have never...

Earl Grey, by Rob Dubbin and Allison Parrish
Average member rating: (30 ratings)

A game about a tea party, a monarchy, and the unpredictability of language.

Endless, Nameless, by Adam Cadre
Average member rating: (55 ratings)

The first time I ever saw someone play a text adventure was in fifth grade. One of the sixth-graders didn't go to outdoor ed, and therefore spent the week in my fifth-grade classroom, playing Scott Adams's...

Fallacy of Dawn, by Robb Sherwin
Average member rating: (19 ratings)

In a world that never quite got over the '80s, Delarion Yar dispenses quarters for the local arcade... badly. A software pirate from better days, he's crossed the wrong people one too many times. Locked into...

Fate, by Victor Gijsbers
Average member rating: (50 ratings)

You are nine months pregnant, and the contractions have already begun. Trapped in a castle with more enemies than friends, and Queen in name but not in influence, you fear for the future of your child. But...

Guilded Youth, by Jim Munroe
Average member rating: (49 ratings)

You play Tony, a fourteen-year old thief who needs some help looting the legendary Oakville Manor. Luckily it's the 1980s and finding fellow adventurers is just a modem squeal away...

Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian
Average member rating: (154 ratings)

Step into the shoes of Mute Lawton, a lone cowboy who must stop an execution set to occur at noon by shooting his way past dangerous cyborgs and mutants in a post-apocalyptic western setting. (From the...

The Hound of Shadow, by Chris Elliott and Richard Edwards
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

The Hound of Shadow is an Interactive Fiction game created by Eldritch Games, and marketed by Electronic Arts, in 1989. It was released in versions compatible with the Amiga, Atari ST, and DOS operating...
La vallée mystérieuse, by Eric Forgeot
Des aventures trépidantes dans une vallée mystérieuse

Little Blue Men, by Michael S. Gentry
Average member rating: (71 ratings)

This game is a joke. This game is a warning. This game is a satire. This game is inspired in equal parts by Vaclav Havel's "The Memorandum" and Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". This...

Llama Adventure, by John Cooney
Otto's rating:
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

You're a llama confronted with a series of escape-the-room tasks. Your interaction takes the form of a chat with the person supervising your tests.

Lock & Key, by Adam Cadre
Average member rating: (77 ratings)

Madam Spider's Web, by Sara Dee
Average member rating: (38 ratings)

Make It Good, by Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (84 ratings)

The call comes through. Of all the dicks; you get the call, sitting in the front seat of your car, hands shaking on the steering wheel. An urgent call; but all you were thinking of was the bottle in the...

Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus, by Dan Shiovitz and Emily Short
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

Someplace on Venus a secret weapon is being built that threatens Earth with total destruction. You and your comrade must penetrate the Xavian base and save the world -- before it's too late!

Mindfighter, by Anna Popkess and Fergus McNeill
Average member rating: (1 rating)

This game follows the story of Robin, an eleven year old boy gifted with psychic powers. The accompanying novel details his experiences in late 1987, the year before the war, and provides an informative...

Mindwheel, by Robert Pinsky, William Mataga, Steve Hales
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

Travel into the minds of four important people to collect the Wheel of Wisdom and save the world: BOBBY CLEMON, assassinated rock star, once called 'half John Lennon and half Janis Joplin'. This charismatic,...

Muse: An Autumn Romance, by Christopher Huang
Average member rating: (35 ratings)

Early September, 1886. Autumn. The Victorian Era. The Rev. Dawson, 59, is off to the Continent and an unexpected Romance... [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]

Olivia's Orphanorium, by Sam Kabo Ashwell
Average member rating: (24 ratings)

Sparky young entrepreneur Olivia sets out to fulfil her dream of running an orphanage. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Order, by John Evans
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

You play as a spirit who delights in solving puzzles summoned by an enclave of wizards into a realm where matter is less stable and energy is plentiful. You have been gifted with the power to create what you...

PataNoir, by Simon Christiansen
Average member rating: (58 ratings)

The Baron's daughter is missing, and you are the man to find her. No problem. With your inexhaustible arsenal of hard-boiled similes, there is nothing you can't handle.

The Plant, by Michael J. Roberts
Average member rating: (34 ratings)

You're on a business trip with your boss, driving down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, when the car breaks down. You set off on foot seeking help, but you soon find yourself in the middle of a...

Pytho's Mask, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (69 ratings)

On the Night of the Comet, the usual astrological bonds do not hold, and the order of the universe is threatened. It is a time made for rebels and usurpers, and all who would claim the kingdom for...

Risorgimento Represso, by Michael J. Coyne
Average member rating: (48 ratings)

You play as an Oxbridge student who, during a particularly boring lecture, falls through a green portal under their desk into the cluttered library of the wizard Ninario. Ninny was trying to summon a...

Runestone, by Alan Davis
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Runestone is one very unique adventure, combining the parser and NPCs of The Hobbit with the graphics and large playing area of The Lords of Midnight (not IF). The story is simple: Controlling your three...

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (418 ratings)

"A one-room game set in your apartment." [--blurb from Competition Aught-Zero]

She's Got a Thing for a Spring, by Brent VanFossen
Average member rating: (32 ratings)

It's been a hectic year, and it's time to get away. He told you that, and you agreed. Now you're here, in a grove of aspen, and long for a good, long bath in the nearby hot spring. [--blurb from The Z-Files...

Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
Average member rating: (216 ratings)

In the beginning was the Word, and it was hungry. ...

Snowblind Aces, by C.E.J. Pacian
Average member rating: (33 ratings)

Two aces shelter from a snowstorm under the wing of a biplane. They've duelled and played in the air for years. Love is inevitable. But what kind of relationship will they end up in?

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (315 ratings)

A vacation in our lovely country! See the ethnic charms of the countryside, the historic grandeur of the capital city. Taste our traditional cuisine; smell the flowers of the Old Tree. And all without...

Stink or Swim, by Renee Choba
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

The only entry in a personal Speed-IF challenge. The Olympic medalist, skunk, and public bathing one.
Sunset Over Savannah, by Ivan Cockrum
Average member rating: (56 ratings)
In this game, you play as an office worker on vacation on a beach in Savannah. This is your last day of a very blissful vacation, and you realize you really really hate your job. You could quit, but should...
Swanglass, by Yoon Ha Lee
Average member rating: (5 ratings)
Theatre, by Brendon Wyber
Average member rating: (89 ratings)
Your job as a real estate agent brings you into contact with many old buildings, but none are quite like the old theatre that has stood deserted for almost thirty years. After visiting it with some...

Threnody, by John "Doppler" Schiff
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

A cat o'nine tails; a tale o' nine cats. You are a baby in your mother's womb, about to be born. When you try to leave and the cord starts to strangle you, you must choose the Lion, Dragon, or Ferret to...

The Tower of the Elephant, by Tor Andersson
Average member rating: (18 ratings)

An adaptation of the classic sword & sorcery tale by Robert E. Howard, first published in 1933.
War Mage, by Giancarlo Niccolai

Works of Fiction, by FibreTigre
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton
Average member rating: (91 ratings)

For over 20 years, I dreamed about an alternate universe I called the Higher World. For three of those years, I poured almost all of my creative energy into a novel-length story set in that universe. Worlds...

You Are Here, by Roy Fisher
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

"Dragons. Demons. Undead. An adventurer's perils are many. But in the world of MUDs, nothing is more dangerous than electronic sex... "You Are Here" is a short, simple diversion promoting "MultiUserDungeon",...

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