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Games Centered Around Devices/Machines - 11 votes for 9 games; created August 1, 2022
A poll by Amanda Walker
I'm looking for games that heavily feature learning how to use a device or machine. For instance, the machine in Emily Short's...

Best mechanical/physics puzzles. - 12 votes for 11 games; created June 23, 2021
A poll by Rovarsson
I had a lot of fun with the underground trolley puzzle in Axe of Kolt by Larry Horsfield. Any other games that feature cool mechanical...

Games that are comfy and cozy - 23 votes for 16 games; created January 11, 2021
A poll by MarkyJez
I'm interested in trying out games that are more relaxed than a lot of IFs are. Though I do like the adventure and excitement of those...

Games about grannies - 12 votes for 10 games; created July 17, 2019
A poll by baf
Recently, a representative of Ubisoft attracted some attention by saying, about an upcoming game with a grandmother as a protagonist,...

Great games that consist of a single puzzle - 34 votes for 19 games; created June 15, 2018
A poll by Spike
I'm looking for well-designed and challenging games that revolve around solving a single puzzle. The puzzle may have multiple parts, but...

Games with Toys - 47 votes for 30 games; created March 12, 2017
A poll by IFforL2
I want to distinguish toys from three other IF game elements: Puzzles require the player to find a solution to a problem in the...

For Your Consideration - XYZZY-eligible implementations of 2015 - 24 votes for 24 games; created February 12, 2016
A poll by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
This is for games released in 2015 which you think might be worth considering for Best Implementation in the XYZZY awards. This is not a...

For Your Consideration - XYZZY-eligible NPCs of 2015 - 25 votes for 24 games; created February 11, 2016
A poll by verityvirtue
This is for suggesting non-player characters from games released 2015 who you think might be worth considering for Best NPCs/Best...

Games where you can't screw up - 67 votes for 31 games; created March 2, 2009
A poll by Pinstripe
Sometimes, when I'm playing a game, I spend more time juggling my save files than I do reading the text. I don't want to have to restart...

1-9 of 9