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I played my first IF game in 1980. Zork, of course. I never stopped. Puzzly parser IF is my true love.

I wrote my first game at age 50.

Interactive Fiction by Amanda Walker

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed, by Amanda Walker (2021)
(39 ratings)
Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving… Come home to Goldengrove, a beautiful old house haunted by a lost soul. Uncover the secrets of your tormented past in a tale of unrequited...

Fairest, by Amanda Walker (2022)
(27 ratings)
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” you say dreamily, gazing into its sparkling surface… “You know,” replies the mirror, “I can do a lot more than just reflect fair faces. O, how I long to leap off this...

Of Their Shadows Deep, by Amanda Walker (2022)
(19 ratings)
A story about love and disease and loss. Contains graphics and has a screen reader mode for use with text to speech software. Written in Inform 7 for 2022 ParserComp. Play time about one hour....

The Spectators, by Amanda Walker (2022)
(19 ratings)
It is 1560. There are no secrets in the iron-willed Duke d'Este's marriage to his young bride, a girl unprepared for her new role as Duchess. The Duke's army of servants are always present, always...

The Lonely Troll, by Amanda Walker (2022)
(16 ratings)
Meet a cast of mythological characters in a text adventure about making friends. This game is suitable for children as well as adults and has an extensive tutorial for first-time players. A...

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Games Centered Around Devices/Machines - 32 votes for 18 games; created August 1, 2022
I'm looking for games that heavily feature learning how to use a device or machine. For instance, the machine in Emily Short's...

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