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Games about strange and wonderful plants - 24 votes for 13 games; created June 26, 2016
A poll by verityvirtue

Games with character creators/creation - 11 votes for 10 games; created August 3, 2014
A poll by cynical11
Basically, any game that features any kind of character creation system; but, the more in-depth, the better.

IF with a sense of wonder - 48 votes for 23 games; created July 17, 2014
A poll by blue/green
What interactive fiction would you recommend that evokes a sense of wonder? These could be games that capture wonder or beauty in...

Games with unique hint systems - 24 votes for 20 games; created April 27, 2014
A poll by delano
I'm looking for games that offer hints in any way, except for printing them in sequence on the screen. For example: characters that offer...

Apocalypse How - 19 votes for 11 games; created January 2, 2012
A poll by katz
Post-apocalyptic games: equal parts cliche and fun. Authors are free to dispense with pesky NPCs, complicated modern technology, and...

Vivid games - 126 votes for 48 games; created March 8, 2009
A poll by Jeff Sonas
I'm looking for games that evoked strong feelings or strong mental images that stayed with you long after you finished the games.

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