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Uncle Rov's Beginner's Must-Plays. - 10 items   March 30, 2024
A list by Rovarsson

Noteworthy T2 Games [Formerly: Which Can't Be Played on the Web] - 45 items   March 26, 2024
A list by Walter Sandsquish
This list was created because TADS 2 didn't have a Web-based 'terp for a long time. It's still here because these games, from long ago,...

Games I finished without hints. - 14 items   October 19, 2020
A list by Rovarsson
It's better for the feeling of immersion when you're not reading a walkthrough while playing. These games are definitely solvable without...

Annotated list of best sci-fi games - 33 items   July 21, 2020
A list by MathBrush
A few months ago, I thought, "There really aren't that many sci-fi IF games". Then I started going through old games I had played, and...

Games that drew me in. - 7 items   December 12, 2019
A list by Rovarsson
This list is not a best of. Nor does it have a theme. I haven't even finished some of the games on it. (shame on me!) This is a list of...

Games what I like (for John) - 20 items   July 9, 2016
A list by insufficient data
These are some games that I like! They tend to err on the side of puzzle-y vs pure story games, and on the more polite side of the...

All-time favorites - 7 items   December 16, 2012
A list by Felix Pleșoianu
No common thread here... Turns out, I like all kinds of games. Even some puzzlefests.

Beginner's choice. - 13 items   December 25, 2009
A list by Grey
If for first time or beginner players.

Not Too Long, Not Too Difficult - 8 items   May 17, 2008
A list by Eric Mayer
Being impatient and puzzle-challenged, I prefer rather short games that I can make it through without resorting to hints every other...

Games for beginners - 10 items   October 19, 2007
A list by Eric Eve
Many of the games in this list are ones I enjoyed as a beginner, but the main aim of this list is to suggest games that are reasonably...

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