Games that drew me in.

Recommendations by Rovarsson (Belgium)

This list is not a best of. Nor does it have a theme. I haven't even finished some of the games on it. (shame on me!)
This is a list of the games that kept me coming back to Interactive Fiction, despite my newbie-obstacles. (unhelpful parsers, untelepathic authors, unknown conventions, unwelcoming in-jokes,...)
These games made me bite through that and discover this amazing puzzle/story-world.

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1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky
Average member rating: (180 ratings)

Rovarsson says:

I love the book, and the series, and the film, so when I saw that there was a game too, I started playing it. I was surprised when I was confronted with nothing but text. So I had no choice but learn about this new/old medium called Text Adventures.
To this day, I have not finished it, but I did enjoy every minute playing it.

2. Glowgrass, by Nate Cull (1997)
Average member rating: (96 ratings)
Rovarsson says:

Luckily, this was among the first IFs I played. Short, sci-fi fun, easy enough. This showed me how enjoyable IF can be for a newbie. Made me hungry.

3. Worlds Apart
by Suzanne Britton
Average member rating: (88 ratings)

Rovarsson says:

As I said in my review (more of a love letter actually): my first love. Compelling story, kept me glued to the screen for days and made me not care about frustrating parser-limitations.

4. Photopia
by Adam Cadre
Average member rating: (551 ratings)

Rovarsson says:

A good story where I could wander around the plot a bit. Perfect for beginner-me.

5. Firebird
by Bonnie Montgomery
Average member rating: (31 ratings)

Rovarsson says:

Too puzzly for me back then. I walked through it. I did enjoy it very much though.

6. Metamorphoses
by Emily Short
Average member rating: (127 ratings)

Rovarsson says:

A month or so ago, I replayed Metamorphoses and was blown away by the ingenuity of puzzles and implementation. I rated it five stars. 12 years ago, I was more flabbergasted by the overload of possibilities. Didn't finish it then, but it showed me a glimpse of the scope of this new world.

7. Sunset Over Savannah, by Ivan Cockrum (1997)
Average member rating: (51 ratings)
Rovarsson says:

If this had been my very first IF-experience, I would have walked away and never looked back. What's the point of running 'round the beach digging through boiled peanut shells and getting nowhere? So this is puzzle-IF. I gave up that time, but by then I knew enough to put this on my try-again list. Turns out it's a masterpiece!

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