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I like parser games with easy puzzles that play in a detailed game world. That's two completely different things: I love to dive into a game world, explore its locations, backgrounds, lores and laws, NPCs and their relations. And there should be an engaging plot to guide me, with puzzles. I'm horrible in playing so the puzzles should be easy, sorry about that. A simple story is okay as long as it's told with skill and heart. Game worlds and stories that make me gape are welcome. Pitch black humour is a plus, a moral cudgel is a minus. I dislike choice-based games except for some. Some are cool. Probably when they present an impressive game world, realistic choices and some kind of game mechanic that goes beyond simple CYOA.

List created for test purposes. Can I change it over time? If not it's an instant ruin.

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1. Anchorhead
by Michael Gentry
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Nomad says:

The all-time classic of second generation IF. Or third or fourth generation is you want to further partition pre-Inform IF. A vivid game world, a truly Lovecraftian story, okay puzzles. If you like parser games you'll like Anchorhead, full stop.

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