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Commercial game; purchase the Glulx file on the web site
Walkthrough and map
Verbose walkthrough and map by David Welbourn.
Walkthrough by Steve Metzler. Has incremental-ish hints for various puzzles, rather than one giant file that spills everything. Also links to scanned maps.

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Hadean Lands

by Andrew Plotkin profile


Web Site

About the Story

Marooned in an alien, airless wasteland -- your starship fractured -- your crewmates missing. Can an apprentice alchemist learn how to survive?

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Adventure Gamers

"This game is undoubtedly one of the best works of IF in the Infocom tradition. Its puzzles are all based on a system of admirably complicated alchemy that naturally emerges from the world and its story. The result is an engrossing, fun gameplay experience that has a kind of consistency and momentum comparable to games like Portal 2 that also have a strong central puzzle mechanic. And it takes place in a world rich with detail and fascinating to explore, conveyed through distinctive writing. It all adds up to an intensely immersive experience that will easily last you 20 hours, if not significantly more. The bottom line is that Hadean Lands makes great strides towards perfecting the classic adventure game not just the text adventure."
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"The best video game I played last year is a science-fiction thriller about alchemy, and it has no graphics or sound effects."--David Auerbach
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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
"The aesthetic is very much one that takes pleasure in human cultures and systems of knowledge. And this works really well with the puzzle experience."--Emily Short
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"But several things of note elevate Hadean Lands beyond a 1980s text adventure, without detracting from the concept or muddying the waters in any way."--Jamie Lendino
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Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"But Im not alone in thinking Hadean Lands is one of the most extraordinary pieces of parser IF ever written, both as a technical achievement and as a piece of escalating puzzle design."--Emily Short
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