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Eat Me

by Chandler Groover profile


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About the Story

In this castle, you'll eat or be eaten.

May contain dairy, carnage, puzzles, nuts.

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Off-Site Reviews

The Breakfast Review
Opulent and sinister, rich and heady as arsenic-laced Bordeaux.
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A Colossal Adventure
It’s something special to be presented with a world, and a single verb, and be told: eat your fill. Enjoy it all. Everything you want to eat, you can.
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This game satisfies the StarKist Tuna Criterion — it is both a tuna that tastes good and has good taste.
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Kirjallinen suunnistaja
Kerronta sinänsä oli nautittavaa ylitsepursuavuudessaan ja kieroutuneessa huvittavuudessaan. Grooverin tyyli on tunnistettava, samoin teoksen asetelma. Hänen tarinansa sijoittuvat renessanssi- tai barokkimaiseen fantasiamaailmaan, joka on kauhistuttava mutta harmiton samaan aikaan. Eat Messä lukijaa puhutellaan lapsena ja tarina on kuin interaktiivinen iltasatu.
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Eat Me overflows with scrumptious, scrumptious text. It is beautifully written, maximalist, and absolutely, 100% manages to put the player in the mind of the gluttonous protagonist. The descriptions of the things the protagonist eats were almost physically tangible in my stomach. The game made me hungry.
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Old Games Italia
Le vicende di Eat Me sono un climax costante, che ci getta in una spirale gastronomica senza precedenti.
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The dirty little thrill of adventure games is to act as a spoiler, to walk into an environment and tear it apart as you pick up everything not nailed down and break everything standing in your way. Eat Me gives that pattern a perfect thematic resonance with its surreal plot and setting; you're here to devour this world, and the solution to every puzzle is a matter of what (or who) to swallow when.
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