Snack Time!

by Hardy the Bulldog and Renee Choba profile

Slice of life

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A cute, short, easy game about a bulldog who wants a snack, February 3, 2016

This game might be a great game for people new to interactive fiction, and is a fun change for experienced players.

It's a game with 4 little puzzles to solve. You are a hungry bulldog who is trying to get your owner to make you some food. Like the much bigger and more difficult A Day for Soft Food (about a cat with the same goal), you have to wander around, influencing your owner in an order to get the food you need.

I beat it in 15 minutes without hints. The writing is from the dog's perspective, with a dog's description of a sofa, a toilet, a fridge, etc.

Recommended for it's short, fun nature.

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Cute and quick, September 7, 2011
by Deboriole (San Diego, CA)

This was a cute game and was over really quickly! I must think like a dog because everything I tried pushed me toward my goal. I would give it more stars but there really wasn't much substance. I didn't get a perfect score, so perhaps more exploring would have made the experience richer. Fun little game.

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Cute But Flawed, June 5, 2011
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

Snack Time! is a cute game where you are a dog and your pet is a human. The atmosphere and the sense of immersion come off without a hitch; even the frustration at getting the human to obey is endearing, up to a point. Unfortunately, that point comes fairly soon.

The game is not an exploration game, so it does feel close and small. That, coupled with the lack of items to manipulate, begins the first fire of frustration. The second major puzzle throws kindling on that fire, because to solve it you must do something non-obvious three times in a row. It's also not helpful that doing that is the only way to advance the plot; time itself doesn't advance the plot and it really should. (Spoiler - click to show)In other words, you can wait forever, and the human will never exit the bathroom.

Other puzzles are similarly bizarrely solved. Even after looking at the walkthrough, what I was doing didn't seem to have any connection to getting what I wanted.

All the pieces of the puzzle of a good game are here, but Snack Time! mashes them together in a way that make no sense to me.

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A charming dog’s eye view on having a snack, April 23, 2010
by Felix Larsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
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A truly delightful little game!

You are a dog and you’re hungry. It’s not dinner time in many hours, so you need a snack. Unfortunately, you’re not very good at making sandwiches, so you must get your human pet to make one for you.

The puzzles are quite easy, but it’s not the challenges that make this game but the consistent dog’s eye view of and on everything. Dog is the measure of all things in this game: canine interests permeates every single description of the game world. What makes the game so charming is the way Choba (the author) exploits the fact that Hardy (the dog-PC) has a set of concepts that doesn’t quite match the human player’s. For that purpose, a dozen words are worth a thousand perfect 3D-renderings.

(By the way, the same thing was done—to the same charming effect—by Admiral Jota in Lost Pig … and to a totally different but equally great effect in Shiovitz’s Bad Machine and even in Granade’s IF version of Pong!)

More actions are implemented. I missed most of them first time playing the game. So, if you manage your snack too quickly, chances are that you can have some replay value for dessert.

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Spot-On Animal Game!, April 12, 2010
by Danielle (The Wild West)
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When I played RALPH and A DAY FOR SOFT FOOD, I was hoping for a couple of great animal games, where I could slip out of the human mindset and check out a different perspective on life.

But I felt both the abovementioned games suffered from hard-to-comprehend puzzles and really hostile NPC owners ruining the fun.

So what a delight when I picked up SNACK TIME! It's not very big, no, but I had a lot of fun exploring the little apartment from the Hardy's POV. It has a lot of cute humor sprinkled throughout.

The action for the last point wouldn't have occurred to me, but that's a nitpick from me.

If you love animals, you've got to give this one a try.

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A bite-sized treat, November 24, 2008
by Ron Newcomb (Seattle)

It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there. All Hardy dreams of is a dog-eat-sandwich world. But alas, his pet human is asleep on the couch again!

Snack Time! is a light-hearted little work where we play as Hardy the Bulldog and his epic, ten-minute, house-spanning quest to get something good to eat. Of course, lacking opposable thumbs makes things a little less straightforward than they should be. And so begin the puzzles, all of which are pretty easy.

No frustrations here save for the tummy grumbling, Snack Time! is a recipe for pure giggles.

(And Dino wins my Best Prop Of 2008 award!)

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