WWII Elevator Escape

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Historical Espionage

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Time-limited and tight puzzles, April 7, 2024

This game was a light little puzzle about escaping a building. The puzzles were short and time-limited, and it felt a few times like I had done everything right, before realising that I hadn't - but when I realised what i had to do, it felt good (a nice puzzle, the elevator one).

Unfortunately, i got stuck at certain points, and the hints were no help. They also took up time in the game, which was very annoying because then I couldn't get the next hint (undoing removes it). And I found it extra annoying was when I tried to CUT THE WIRE WITH THE CLIPPERS, and it didn't work. I was stumped there for quite some time.

Overall, a mixed feelings game with some nice puzzles and timing but badly implemented parts. I would recommend playing it, either way.

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Denk, April 7, 2024 - Reply
This is the author, thanks for the review! The two issues you bring up are no doubt important. I never got around implementing a "cut object with object" command, only a "cut object" so you should simply CUT WIRE without specifying the object you use for cutting. However, cutting the wire is not crucial but it should have worked. Next step for me should be to realize that the nail clipper can be referred to as clippers :D
I agree it is annoying that you have to restart the game to see all hints as the hint system currently takes up time in the game.

I hope to fix both issues in a later release. Thanks again :)
Max Fog, April 12, 2024 - Reply
No problem! And mostly it was that the hints themselves didn't lead me past a certain point, so from there I was stuck. I look forward to trying it again, anyway!
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