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Needs Polishing To Truly Shine, January 19, 2012
by Jonathan Blask (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
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Despite its capitalized objects and oddities, there's enough good things going on here that part of me almost thinks that an established author is having a laugh at us- trying to make his or her own version of, say, a Phoenix-type treasure hunt. The few puzzles I solved really did have a nice sense of accomplishment to them. Also, there is an odd sort of narrative going on (the protagonist has a past that we find out more about throughout the game).

Those nice things are dampened by shoddy implementation and a woeful lack of synoyms (I personally got hung up on (Spoiler - click to show)a goblet, some dye, and some unintuitive liquid management). I probably won't be giving this game another chance until an updated version comes out, but if one did, I'd definitely play it.

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Andrew Schultz, May 31, 2012 - Reply
There're definitely a lot of "oh no" moments here. I got frustrated at the number of pedestals and signs mentioned that weren't there. I really do want to solve this game but keep getting hung up. Stuff like the in-game hints shows us the author knows what'll be useful or interesting but not how.

The puzzle you got hung up on was one where I had to completely lose immersion and think of what the author wanted. He cuts down the possibilities in a way, but I know I gave up on the puzzle the first time (Spoiler - click to show)after creating the green dye.

I'd be glad to test this to help the writer, too. But he never showed up at the author subforum. So, Jared Smith, if you're out there...send us a walkthrough, too.
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